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The Speckled Band.

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In this essay I am going to examine the characters, settings and how the author creates tension. From the first opening paragraph Watson quotes "working as he did rather for the love of his art than for he acquirement of wealth". This implies that Sherlock Holmes is a talented detective who looked for cases that would challenge his abilities to the ultimate. Also this quote gives us an insight to how much Holmes really loves his job. As the paragraph continues Watson begins looking over some old cases, when he comes across the very strange case involving the well - known Surrey family of the Roylotts of Stoke Moran. He recalls a pledge of secrecy that was given not to disclose the truth but now the lady in question is deceased and no harm could come of it, the truth could be revealed. For such a long time they have kept their promise, showing how trust worthy the two are and that's another quality of Holmes and Watson. In the second paragraph this is where the story begins. Holmes, seen as a late riser was up in the early hours of the morning, fully dressed at the side of Watson's bed. It was a surprise to see such a thing and with Watson being an early riser, was shocked and grumbled "What is it, then? ...read more.


The strange goings on in and around the house must have made her suspicious for example the death of her young healthy sister with no explanation, the weird animals wondering about the house, etc. No wonder she felt the need to lock her self in at night! On page 59 Holmes is now looking for clues to solve the murder mystery as the plot is now becoming even more thicker because its seems that Miss Stoner would have had to have been alone on the night of her mysterious end. This is so because Helen is saying that the "flooring and walls are sound, and that the door, window, and chimney are impassable!" Holmes asks if it would be possible to come and observe the room and other evidence. The next day they arrive at Stoke Moran to evaluate the possibilities of what could have happened. Dr Roylott suddenly appears at the home of Holmes after Miss Stoner has gone. He bursts through the door with rage shouting, "Which of you is Holmes?" This is where Holmes gets his first experience with Dr Roylott. He comes across as extremely aggressive and intimidating with " A large face that seared with a thousand wrinkles, burned yellow with the sun, and marked with every evil passion, was turned from one to the other of us, while ...read more.


For example he notices the bell ring that's just been placed there. He says, "Indeed, it seemed to unnecessary to put so nice a bell-pull there." He then tugs it find out it's a dummy! He now carries on his investigation by searching Dr Roylotts chamber. He finds some evidence, which he can now use to associate with other information. He finds the safe, which could explain the metal sounds late at night and the saucer of milk could be linked to one of the animals but Holmes knows there are no cats, and maybe has the knowledge that snakes are attracted to milk. Holmes now starts to tell the plan of how to find out about the death of Miss Stoners sister. Holmes already knows what is going to happen and has figured out a way that fits every thing together but he prefers not to tell anyone until he has clear proof of how her sister was killed. As they wait to see what is happening Holmes knows every little detail to look out for. As ever Holmes is correct and begins to reveal his clues to the mystery one by one. Holmes is concerned that he is to blame for the death of Dr Roylott, because he sent the snake back into Dr Roylott's room and the snake turns on the first person, which unfortunately was Dr Roylott. ...read more.

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