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The Speckled Band

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The Speckled Band The Speckled Band is a short, realist, detective fiction story. I think that the purpose of the story is mostly entertainment the but it think it explores the human relationship between Sherlock Holmes. I think that the genre of the story is suited to the purpose because it is a realistic story which allows the reader to relate to real life. I think that because of the story's realism, that the story is very quick and relatively exciting. The story can be divided into four sections. The first section is the introduction, the second section is the development of the story, the third section is the climax and the final section is the conclusion of the story. Many events take place in the story, in the introduction the story introduces the reader to Sherlock Holmes and an old detective case were a woman called Helen Stoner comes to the aid of Sherlock Holmes because she fears for her life and also tells Sherlock some of her background. In the development of the story Sherlock finds out possible motives for why Helen Stoner's farther would want to kill her, he also investigates Helen's home where he finds a bell-pull that is unattached to a bell, her bed is fastened to the floor, a ventilator from her farther's to her room and a small dog lash tied so as to make a loop of whipcord in her farther's room, Sherlock also give Helen instructions for later on. ...read more.


The narrator describes himself as, "I suppose I was a cleaver lad; at any rate, I always got plenty of praise; and was , as we called it, the cock of the school." He also says how everybody thinks of his brother, "But everyone said he was stupid and dull, and this stupidity and dullness grew upon him." And also he says that his farther, "My farther was glad, and proud, and sorry, all in a breath; glad and proud that a son was born to him; and sorry for his poor wife's state, and to think how his angry words had brought it on. But he was a man who liked better to be angry than sorry,". The hero of the story is obviously Gregory, the narrators older brother because he is saved by him. Gregory does not really have any heroic qualities however, he had the courage to go out and gave his brother his muad to save his brother I quote, " 'It is of no use,' said he, as if to himself. 'We are no nearer home than we were when we started, as far as I can tell. Our only chance is in Lassie. Here! Roll thee in my maud, lad, and lay thee down on this sheltered side of this bit of rock. Creep close under it, lad, and I'll lie by thee, and stride to keep the warmth in us." ...read more.


I have noticed that the grammar and words used have changed, "Yet not for the world my farther have grudged him anything that money could purchase. That was, as it were in the bond when he had wedded my mother." The word wedded now means spoiling and I have never encountered a modern piece of writing which has started the beginning of a sentence with, "That was, as it were," I think that the purpose of the story was other than to entertain the reader is more to make people realise how difficult it is for poorer people living in harsh conditions and to perhaps examine human relationships. I think that the author has achieved the purpose of the story using realism and tragedy because it has an impact on the reader. I found that whilst reading the story that I experienced riotous anger against William Preston and his workers for not treating Gregory with respect and because of William kicking Lassie Gregory's collie, I also felt sympathy for the narrator, his farther and his aunt because of the loss of Gregory but most of all because of the hard life faced by Gregory's mother because I think she had the worst life of all. After I had finished reading to story I felt glad that I did not have to live under such harsh conditions I also felt the same about Gregory because all those felt guilty about his death which they should have. The story had a large impact on myself. Bradley Phillips ...read more.

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