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The Speckled Band - review

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It starts with when Watson is woken by Sherlock at an early hour in the morning. Straight away Holmes notices that this enquiry is a strange one. As Holmes comes down the stairs, he notices a middle aged woman sat on the window, dressed all in black and heavily veiled. Holmes introduces himself and notices her shivering he says 'I am glad to see that Mrs. Hudson has had the good sense to light the fire. Pray draw up to it, and I shall order you a cup of hot coffee, for I observe that you are shivering.' She replies 'It is not cold which makes me shiver, it is Fear Mr. Holmes. It is terror.' This makes the reader wonder, what has happened in her past to make her like this? Why has she come to Holmes? Holmes has studied her, he knows how she got their. After he has done this, she gives him a brief history of her family this includes; where they are from and the background of her stepfather, his going ons in India, his angry temperament. ...read more.


This is a typical way of describing the villain's house especially the claws and the dull colour of the house. Holmes examined the windows but found nothing, which tells us that whoever committed the murder must have been inside the house. Helen takes both detectives to the upstairs rooms where the bedrooms are. They both have a good look through all of their rooms, Holmes has a look in Roylotts room and he had a saucer of milk on top of a safe, Holmes was intrigued by this because they do not own a cat and what has he got in the safe. Miss Stoners had only seen inside the safe once, there were only papers. They examined the other rooms and looked around; they found in her sister's bedroom that the bed was bolted to the floor and a bell pull that opens a ventilator to Roylotts room. This creates suspense towards the reader, because of the ventilator, linked up to the bell pull and why was the bed bolted to the floor for? ...read more.


This is creating tension because if they are staying in the murder room the readers will wonder will they get murdered in the same way. They both lay awake until the early hours of the morning when they both noticed a beam of light coming from Roylotts room through the ventilator and a strong smell of burning oil and heated metal. They get up and Holmes tells Watson to have his hand on his revolver as they enter Roylotts room. They both noticed the safe door was open, and they saw the leash again. Roylott was looking up at the ceiling as if he was in a trance. They then noticed a peculiar yellow band with brown speckles bound tightly to the top of his brow. Holmes says to Watson, 'The band! The speckled band!' and it then rears and he cries 'It is a swamp adder! The deadliest snake in India. He has died within ten seconds of being bitten. He then captures it by the leash and throws it into the safe. He then concludes his theory by explaining how he did it and what his thoughts were as he was going along. By Marcus Giannandrea 10M ...read more.

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