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The Splendiferous Sunset

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The Splendiferous Sunset The horizon slices through the magnificent sun, a bigger segment lying in reflection in the water as its sharp blend of rays in orange, pink, blue, red and purple pierce the clouds painfully. The bright yellow, hot flames that had been warming and brightening the day slowly extinguish, converting to deep cool orange flames. The never ending, deep ocean tardily becomes several shades darker, mirroring the splendiferous sky while sharing the unique beauty of its colours smoothly. ...read more.


The once noisy beach, where children's shout of laughter was heard, is suddenly slowly being replaced by the constant whisper of the wind and the splashing, spluttering and swishing of the waves. Footprints stamped into the sizzling sand, being washed away by the wild waves driven by the wind; erasing all evidences of life having been there. Distant leaving figures, against the stunning colours of the background, were shown as black difficult to observe. Silence hung, a sharp knife, threatening anything that disturbs it. ...read more.


As the enormous orange marble makes the last step of its journey, welcoming the darkness that would soon wrap itself around the world until tomorrow, with its remaining rays. I got up slowly, my gaze on the amazing scene before me; trying to absorb as much of the beauty while it lasts. Inch by inch the orange marble slips out of view, letting its slowly extinguishing rays say goodbye with the little energy left in the rays to the land soon to be enclosed in darkness. I started to run home. Horia Akhondzada 10km ...read more.

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