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The Station

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The Station The fading sun flared through canopy of the frozen vegetation, reflecting off the tiny white crystals that were embedded on the metallic track. Glancing at clear odourless sky, I noticed a speck, high, flying above, which at the next moment had disappeared into a swollen hazy cloud. I didn't know what it was. As I paced across the stone floor next to a dilapidated wall , I glanced at the blazing yellow line, which discharged an ominous aura; then I realised that beyond the line, on the other platform, a lamp post was flickering, on and off, like some possessed being beyond all human intellect. The wind picked up. Along with the wind came a concoction of powdered snow with the addition of fragmented leaves. ...read more.


He was draped around with a heavy overcoat with a thin fur lining at the boundaries. His skin was both ruff and velvety smooth. His hands were laid softly on his lap, enclosed a pair of white leather gloves. I felt uneasy looking at the strange man, so I diverted my vision away from him. But the presence of this spectre compelled my eyes to back to him. However in the time that had elapsed from me looking him, he had got up and was steadily walking towards me. My eyes burst into radiant focus, and my breathing became heavier and deeper. Sweat tickled down my forehead and over my nose. It had become cold, like I was outside again. ...read more.


It felt like the entire clamour in the room had suddenly seceded; and finally it revealed a piece of paper. I steadily placed my fingers in a position to seize the paper. I carefully grasped the letter and slowly unfolded it. I marvelled at its immaculate folds and the elegant hand writing. But this deeply concerned me; my breath had become harsh again, so I decided to examine the letter in more detail... My heart stopped, with my anxious thoughts. The letter was forged! Panic struck, my heart came back to life, pulsing in tandem. Suddenly an eruption of snow and dust scaled over the lounge window. The train had arrived. But I didn't move. I took a deep breath, and swiftly made my away towards exit, out of the station. I put up my hood, and made it out into the snow. ?? ?? ?? ?? Neehar Shetty Page 1 10RW Original Writing ...read more.

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