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The Stolen Ones Ever since the migration of the Europeans to Australia aborigines have made many sacrifices. They were pushed aside from their land that was taken over by Australian government and when stealing land didn't seem enough a new disaster was created for the aborigine which is known as the stolen generation to us (the practise of removing half cast aborigines forcibly from their parents). From watching the movie "The Rabbit proof fence", the two short films and reading the article of the Tsalaminu Mia, I have learned many insights about the treatment of aborigines. There was so much racism from the government to the aborigine as Human rights were totally forgotten for them they were also treated 2nd class citizen and they suffered great trauma because their children were taken away from them by the government. All this will be discussed in this essay. There was so much racism toward the aborigines from the government. ...read more.


They were banned from using the pool. This clearly indicates that the aborigine's human rights were not considered by whites. Its unfair for aborigines because white people could have disseises as well but they were not banned only the blacks were discriminated. The government was saying that they were providing a better life to the aborigine's children but reality was something different, they were actually tearing the children apart from their families, from their mothers as was seen in the aborigines film' Rabbit Proof Fence' . There was such a strong relationship between Daisy, Molly and their mother. If it wasn't very strong they would have been prepared to run 1500 miles from the camp to see their family again. So reality was different to what was actually said. All the injustice led aborigines to hide their identity. They were afraid of facing up to who they were. In Two Bob Mermaid , Koorine hides her identity so she can play in the pool with white kids and when she tells her ...read more.


The actual hunter at the camp was very good at following foot steps as he could find tracks of people in the middle of the forest. As we all know that behaviour towards aborigines was incredibly unfair and should have been looked into and taken care off. It was very cruel for the government to do this and this never should have been happened. But it also depends at how they looked at it at the time being, they were trying to give their aborigines children a better life but again never letting parents to look their children again was a cruel thing to do. It was wrong and didn't last very long as anything else that is wrong and positive things sweep it out of the way. Sacrifices that aborigines made can't be ignored and forgotten but they can be made memorable. Its important to remember that disasters can always occur and we must be prepared for them at all times it happened to aborigines at the time and it can happen to us as wells . ...read more.

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