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The stone of eternal

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The stone of eternal power Despite being terrified, I was standing up straight wearing my neatest clothes, ready to knock on the huge wooden door. My legs were trembling with fear, why would a poor old man invite me to this creepy cottage? He said he had important news to tell me, he told me that I was brave enough to do something for him (but what could it be?) also there was something very mysterious, he was covering his face with some kind of cloth, why would he do that? Its not like he's some kind of an alien. After a while I told myself to go in, he still had that ripped cloth on his face. With a very deep and clear voice he explained to me about the magical stone, that it was the only hope of saving the whole entire planet. ...read more.


I headed towards the snowy island with many thoughts ringing in my head. Could a lonely boy finish a mission? I needed a companion but who would help me? Could there be someone who was brave enough to go with me? And was there hope that the world could be saved? Before I could realize it I found myself washed ashore on the island. It started so I had to find shelter quickly before I could get soaked with water. I had found a nearby cave; I started to shiver at the thought of being stranded alone in an unknown island full of strange creatures. Once I stepped into the cave, I was startled. There was a teenager nearly my age in the dark spooky Cave crying, tears were running down his face because he was lonely. He looked so miserable, that he didn't notice me at first. ...read more.


Coney told the king of fishes to transport us to the other side of the river where we will find an eagle called Farsight, he will transport us A.S.A.P. to the Himalayas. On the mountain we had found barbarians, but luckily for us Coney defeated them with his sword's skill. Time was running out, terror was going to strike the world. After a long search, we found the magical stone next to a sleeping and disgusting goblin. I was very proud and impressed with myself. Farsight was waiting for us, we rode on his back and we dazed while Farsight took us back to my sweet home. I thought evil was lurking everywhere but not today. I realized that Coney had the same exact same face as the prince, after calling the police to investigate we found out that Coney was the real prince, his evil twin brother was pretending to be him. Luck was with me the whole time, and guess what I was in every newspaper for saving the world!!! I also kept the secret of the creepy 4-eyed man. ...read more.

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