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The Storm. The storm approaching with the speed of 60 miles per hour, it was just too rapid for the eyes of the customers in the store. Jones and his sister hurried to the window

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Ahmed Abdullah English Language 04/02/2012 Write a descriptive piece called "THE STORM". In your writing, you should try to bring out an increasing sense of the power and force of extreme weather. A beautiful Sunday morning with clear sky and sun shining at its peak. People are enjoying their weekends with their families and so is the case with Jones. Jones is sitting with his two sisters, a brother and his parents at the breakfast table. Television is on and his father is changing the channels, finally stopped at a new channel. The channel reports that there will be a storm and it will be going through the path that includes the city of Denver. The city is a great place to live because it is unlike most others. It allows you to live in a city and have amazing natural beauty all around you. ...read more.


All the siblings started to murmur in each other's ear while Jones's parents were still think of where to move. The family commenced their packing up procedure in the next few days. The winds were getting more harder as the days were passing by. Sun never showed its mercy on people of the city and every day the clouds were getting darker. The day arrived on which the storm was expected to arrive. Local authorities signalled red for the day and for precautionary measures announced that people should stay outside the area from which the storm is going to pass. Jones and his family were done with their packing and were ready to drive off to the nearest safe heaven. The leaves were so still that Jones thought it was going to rain. ...read more.


Jones and his sister hurried to the window and spotted their house far in the east, alone at the top of the hill. They could see the fields being lifted up by the high-speed of storm. Few seconds passed by and they could spot their house and the roof being elevated by the harsh winds. The cars, houses, fields and everything in the way of storm could be seen flying and colliding in the skies like the day of judgment has arrived. The fear of the storm brought Jones and his sister back to hide behind the couches and weeping sounds could have been heard from all the corners of the stores. Horror caught the brains of the people in the store. It took five to six hours for the storm to get away from the boundaries of 60 kilometres and the authorities signalled green for the population near and in the premises of the city of Denver. ...read more.

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