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"The Story of An Hour" Summary

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Theme: Story of an Hour "Oh, my friend, it's not what they take away from you that counts. It's what you do with what you have left." In "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin, the author presents certain themes through Mrs. Mallard and her situation of the loss of her husband. Instead of simply presenting one universal theme, the author displays several themes that all relate to loss along with the happiness that can result from a loss. She expresses the theme of loss through Mrs. ...read more.


Mallard's direct reaction to the news of her husband's death. Upon hearing the news she immediately burst into tears and ran off to her room where she locked herself off from the rest of the world. She would not make contact with anyone. This is what most people think of when they think of loss. They think of pain and suffering and sadness. Mrs. Mallard was grieving her husband's death just as anyone would and the loss of a loved one upset her greatly. This is the author's first theme: the way that loss can affect us and make us feel depressed and alone. ...read more.


This was an issue in the time that the story takes place. Back then, women were not allowed to do whatever they pleased. They had to have approval from their husband. This presents the second theme: there can be a resulting positive outcome of a seemingly negative situation. In the end, Mrs. Mallard ends up going insane and dies at the shock of seeing her husband who hadn't actually died. The author showed us how loss can affect us and make us depressed and lonely through Mrs. Mallard's husband's death. She also showed that losing something can have a positive outcome through Mrs. Mallard's realization of her freedom after her husband's death. As the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. ...read more.

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