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The story of Little Acorn

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Miriam Lowther The story of Little Acorn The sun was rising on the early spring morning and there was an air of freshness about the small village of Little Acorn. The long grass was dancing in the slight breeze and the ground was jewelled with dew. Butterflies fluttered playfully amongst the bright new blossom and the crickets were chattering away. The morning was perfect and yet Cornelius Owl sensed disturbance in the countryside. The rest of the villagers were oblivious to the wise birds worries and started their day as every other beautiful morning in the valley. The valley covered miles of countryside, from the north where the weather was icy and the fields barren right down to where it meets the vicious vast sea (something the little Acorn folk could only ever imagine). Little Acorn itself was positioned in the fields hidden deep within the forests that separated the mountains of ice from the open sea. It was protected from weather and man and was home to many different woodland animals and creatures. It was paradise and only one threat was present, the threat that one-day Little Acorn would be invaded by the only animals that could not and would not live in harmony. ...read more.


As wise as old Cornelius was there was nothing he could do but watch. He hoped that the animals would see the error of their ways before it was to late. For now he ruffled his glorious mottled brown feathers spread out his wings and soared straight up and out of the highest window. The crowd below barely noticed through their selfishness and conflict and the meeting came to a bitter end. Every creature to himself and his own kind no matter what the danger. The following morning the mood was quite different and the sun less bright. The birds were singing a troubled tune and mice everywhere were cleaning their cosy little homes desperate to keep busy. Carpenters and masons were already busy making mess again, preparing catapult parts and bits of weapons. The intellectual mice were crowded round small wooden tables laden with maps and bits of paper covered in complicated scribble planning attacks. Life was thriving and for now excitement exceeded fear. The plan of the mice was one of animal-to-animal combat and through catapults and armour they planned to defeat the 'black army'. Murry (leader of all mice) ...read more.


are very grateful for that, but we need to put up a brave fight, as disciplined as we are, still we are outnumbered." And a most peculiar thing happened, Marty started laughing, not nervously but a deep hearted belly laugh as if he'd had too much root beer, and as Murry was becoming exasperated at his friends light hearted approach to the situation he looked up, and in the air was a dark cloud of birds, sparrows, robins and high above all the others was Cornelius. A broad grin crept across Murry's face as the surrounding countryside bristled with life, out of the long grass came many an eccentric long eared rabbit. "Not too late for the bally old battle I hope chaps, off the hammer the vermin, I say!" And leaping out of the trees came a stream of squirrels, thick bushy tails guiding them down gently to the left of the mice, and as every last creature came to Murry's side he cried out. "Time for the War Cry Men, 1...2...3...RAAAAARGH!" And with the mighty clamour that was caused the black enemy ran, once a formidable opponent, now leaving nothing but flattened grass and a foul smell, and once again peace settled around the whole of Little Acorn. ...read more.

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