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The story of my life so far

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As I approached the gates of this prison-like building, I felt a breeze on my face. It was like walking in to a new world where I knew no one. Although I was dressed the same as everyone else, the black trousers, blazer, white shirt and the school tie, was that supposed to mean that I was part of a community? I thought to myself, eight years at the Heathland, how will I cope? I remember getting lost on the first day and not knowing which way to go! Well that wasn't a good start was it? It felt really odd, coming from a primary school where I was one of the eldest and coming in to this new secondary school where I was one of the youngest. My Primary school seemed very different to the Heathland. We could turn up to school with whatever clothes, which of course had to be appropriate. There was a school uniform however, but it was up to you if you wanted to wear it. I remember all of the fun times that I had with my friends and teachers. Most of my friends from Primary school had come with me to Heathlands but I miss the ones that sadly couldn't make it. ...read more.


There's only a years gap between my sister and I and because we apparently look alike so much, people think we're twins. However, I don't think we look alike at all. Everyone mistakes her for being the eldest, which makes me feel young in a way. Even though she's the only sister I've got, she can be really annoying and always wants everything that I've got. I'm quite different to her. She always leaves everything to the last minute and then she rushes it, as where I take my time. I don't think that there's much in Hounslow that a fourteen year old can do. Mostly, I like going out with my friends, usually to the cinema or bowling. I love shopping. When I go shopping, I always shop till I drop. I used to be part of a Brownie Guide and a Girl Guide association but then I grew out of it. When I'm at home, I usually "chill" by watching television, listening to music or sometimes I even find a quiet spot where I can do some reading. My friends say that when I'm older, I should become a model. The reason for this is because I'm tall, fair and I've got the right figure apparently. ...read more.


It was so embarrassing! The next morning when we went down to breakfast, I thought I was going to die of shame, as everyone was starring at us as we entered the room. They must have remembered what happened the night before. The highlight of my holiday was definitely seeing the Valley Of The Kings and the ancient temples of Karnak, Luxor and Denderah. That's what I went to see anyway. It was nothing like I had imagined it would be like or what I had seen on the television. I was shocked about hoe these places had been kept so well and the amount of detail in the hieroglyphics that could still be seen, even though some of these ruins were nearly 4000 years old. I'm sure that I will be going back and I recommend Egypt to anyone as it is a holiday that I certainly will never forget. Anyway, now I'm in Year Ten. Things are going smoothly and we are beginning to prepare for our GCSEs next year. I hope that I pass my exams with good grades and that my ambitions will come true, so that I will travel the world and become a fashion designer. So far I haven't had had too many mid- life crisis' and I hope that my future doesn't either. Sonia Sharma 10 Dickens 10 set 2 Miss Anderson ...read more.

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