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The story of 'Of Mice And Men' is about the journey of two itinerant workers on a ranch in America in the 1930's.

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ENGLISH HOMEWORK. THE story of 'Of Mice And Men' is about the journey of two itinerant workers on a ranch in America in the 1930's. In this book, the author (John Steinbeck) builds up sympathy for the main character Lennie in a number of ways. Lennie is like a child and is constantly looked after by another main character (George) who is considerably brighter and has more common sense than Lennie, so George is the leader and Lennie merely follows George's every move e.g. 'even in the open one (Lennie) stayed behind the other (George)'. This shows that Lennie is incompetent and constantly needs support from his companion which is usually unnecessary for a grown man to require so sympathy is built up. Lennie is a 'dumb animal' and cant decide on things himself and needs George to help him out in many occasions (in the boss's office) where George answers Lennies questions for him. Lennie is always looking for support from George and constantly wants to pet something to comfort him like a child would which emphasizes again how immature Lennie is for his ...read more.


Because Lennie appears to be a harmless 'child' but he is still the victim of bullying for doing nothing builds up sympathy for Lennie. The fact that Lennie isn't in control of his actions most of the time at crucial points in the book for instance, the death of the mouse is accidental which foreshadows the death of the puppy which was accidental and we know this because he knows that if he does kill the pup then he wont be able to carry out his 'American Dream' of tending rabbits on the little plot of land which is the aim of nearly all the characters in the book. The fact that Lennie knows if he kills the pup then he will ruin his 'dream' but still odes shows that he doesn't know fully what he is doing because all through the book, Lennie is obsessed about the rabbits and how he will tend to the rabbits etc. it his obsession with the rabbits and the knowledge that Lennie posses that if he is 'bad' then he will not be able to tend to them. ...read more.


The fact also that Lennie 'partly buried' Curleys wife and tried to hide the pup because he knew he had 'done a bad thing' and tried to make it better by hiding the evidence, because as a child thinks, if it is hidden it didn't happen. A more general buildup of sympathy is the fact that Lennies is probably the loneliest character in the book because as Crooks quotes 'George just talks and you don't understand nothing'. The fact that George simplifies his sentences to try and help Lennie understand his point but still fails makes Lennie more lonely because he can't relate to any of the characters because he can't understand which adds sympathy. Also during his talk with Curleys wife in the barn, he doesn't care much for what she has to say because all he is thinking of and saying is what is in his mind. The fact that it is extremely difficult for Lennie to interact with even Curleys wife who also has a young mental age builds up more sympathy for Lennie. ...read more.

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