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\The Story of Tracy Beaker

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The Story of Tracy Beaker Storyteller and Camilla: Chan Yuet Mei F.2D (4) Tracy Beaker: Lee Hei Yan F.2F (26) Uncle Sid and Uncle Ted, Peter: Yim Yin Ting F.2F (42) Auntie Peggy and Auntie Julie and Jenny: Ko Ka Yui F.2F (15) Scene1 Tracy Beaker is an orphan, her Mum deserted her in the Children's Home and somebody wants to adopt her. Storyteller: Now I am going to tell you the story of Tracy Beaker. Tracy's mum leaves her alone in the Children's Home and goes away to the other place! And Tracy becomes an orphan. You see, Uncle Ted and Auntie Julie want to adopt her! What will happen? Let's see! (In the Children's Home) (Ted and Julie are entering from the right hand side) Julie (Walk close to Tracy and squeeze her face): Oh! Dimond, you are so cute! (Stop action) Storyteller: (Walk out to the stage and shock) Yuck! I feel disgust! Tracy:(impolite) No! I'm not Dimond, I'm Tracy, and my full name is TRACY BEAKER!!!! Tracy: Never mind. Julie: (look at Ted) Can we adopt her? Ted: Ok, it's up to you, I don't care. Scene 2 Tracy put Ted's baby in the cupboard and Ted is very angry, and then he sends her back to the Children's Home. ...read more.


Tracy: (shock) Really? You eat it? Jenny: Oh! Am I in the heaven? Is there any ring of the light above my head? Tracy: No, you are still alive. Wait for a moment, I will take off my clothes. Jenny: Fortunately, I still alive. (Turn back and facing Tracy) Ah! You have to take off your clothes. Tracy: um.... um..., okay. (Storyteller pushes a paper in front of Tracy. Then, Tracy flow her clothes out and Jenny catch it) Jenny: You are brave! (Tracy run away) (Peter comes in) Peter: (nervous) Please don't compete with Tracy anymore. We only want to be friends with her! Jenny: (with an apology) I'm sorry, but Tracy is the one who dare me first. Peter: So, can you promise me not to do these things anymore? Jenny: (determine) Okay. Scene 6 After a few days, auntie Peggy and uncle Sid come to the Children's Home and want to adopt Tracy Beaker because they haven't got any child. Storyteller: See! There are two strangers come to Children's Home. What they want to do? (In Children's Home) (Peggy and Sid walk closer Tracy) Peggy: Are you Tracy? Tracy: Yes, I am. What's up? Sid: We are auntie Peggy and uncle Sid. We are going to adopt you. ...read more.


Hope you can forgive us. Tracy: Everybody in the world is bad, they're all heartless, and you only care yourself. Sid and Peggy: Tracy! (Tracy run away to the left hand side) Scene 11 After this event, Tracy returns to her lonely world. She doesn't believe and talk to anyone. Jenny and Peter are very worry about her. Storyteller: Tracy comes back to Children's Home and there is a teacher called Camilla. She sees Tracy sits alone. (Camilla walks towards Tracy) Camilla: Tracy, what are you doing here? Why you don't play with others? Tracy: I'm thinking about why did the people always discard me Camilla: Do you know everybody is care about you? Like Jenny, Peter and me! (two seconds later.) You think about it. (Camilla leaves) (Five seconds later) Tracy: Oh! I understand now! (Tracy find Camilla) Tracy: Camilla, I understand what do you mean. Camilla (thinking): Ok, now I give you a package of candies, one piece of cake and a pen for you, you should share with others. Tracy: Oh! Thanks a lot! (Camilla leaves) (Jenny and Peter Enter from the right side) Tracy: Jenny, I'm very sorry, can you forgive me? Jenny: I am very happy that you understand us! Peter: Me too. Tracy: Jenny, I give a pen for you. Peter, I share my cake with you. And here are some candies, let us eat together! Jenny and Peter: (Happy) Thank you! We become friends now! ~The End~ ...read more.

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