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The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde By Mithun chandarana Robert Louis Stevenson wrote during the Victorian age. This was an age when technology was advancing by leaps and bounds. The novel the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde shows us the deepest fears of Victorian society. By the end of the century people were trying to question weather the new technology and the problems that it created was their work or the work of the devil. In order to fully understand the world in which Stevenson lived it is useful to understand that there two Edinburghs, both playing a part in shaping his personality and outlook. ...read more.


It is an anonymous street but in it there is a neglected and run-down house. Dr Jekyll's house stands out among the other houses. The Hyde face of the house is bleak among the well kept houses. The character of Mr Utterson represents the perfect Victorian gentlemen and although he witnesses horrible events, he is still unexciting character. When he suspects Jekyll of criminal acts he prefers to ignore them so as not to ruin his friend. In Stevenson's use of this character he shows Victorian society trying to maintain civilisations values over Mans darker side. Dr Lanyon, once a friend and colleague of Dr Jekyll, is highly respected and values truth and goodness. ...read more.


Hyde begins to dominate until Jekyll no longer exists. Stevenson seems to be questioning the Victorians' understanding of human nature and that the individual is really savage and primitive with no moral values, and barely controlled by civilisation. The author uses Jekyll to state "man is not truly one, but truly two" and he sees the human soul as a battle where the angel and the devil fight for control. The potion that he takes succeeds only in allowing the devil to assert himself: it strips away the civilised layer and shows what man is really like. Many aspects of the novel show us the significance of appearances and surfaces which hide something unseemly for example Utterson wants to preserve Jekyll reputation but more importantly to preserve Victorian society's appearance of order and respectability even when he knows this not to be true. ...read more.

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