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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde - Describe how Stevenson creates a sense of atmosphere in the opening chapter of the novel?

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Abdullah Javad11w English Coursework The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Describe how Stevenson creates a sense of atmosphere in the opening chapter of the novel? Introduction: The tension and suspense in the novel begins with the title, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It makes you want to know what the strange case was and how it affected the characters. One day, Utterson was out walking with the town distant kinsman Mr. Enfield when they passed a house Mr.Enfield tells Mr Utterson a strange case about the house. Description of the house makes reader feel mysterious. It is very strange compared to other houses. Appearance of the house foreshadows Mr.Hyde because the atmosphere of the house gives a sinister that it is clearly cold and unwelcoming just like its owner. Surely the house is a reflection of the people within. Mr.Hyde is known as very evil man. Mr.Enfield also talks about a story of Hyde and a little girl, in 'some place at the end of the world, about three o'clock of a black winter morning.". ...read more.


Mr.Enfield says, "Let's make a bargain never to refer to this again." Reader and Mr.Utterson wants to know more about Hyde to solve the mystery but Enfield's wants to forget about him. Reader and Mr.Utterson knows just a little bit about Hyde and it is quite puzzled. Puzzled knowledge creates mystery and makes reader to desire for solving the mystery which also leads us to creating a sense of atmosphere. Characters: There are four characters in opening chapter of the novel: Hyde, Utterson, Enfield and Cain heresy. But I will be referring to the three main ones. Mr Utterson is a grim or evil character, which creates a sense of mild horror and mystery about this character. Now the writer again informs the reader about Utterson look, "lean, long, dusty, and dreary." This could imply that Utterson is a creepy dark person, therefore again creating a sense of horror and mystery about him and creating a sense of atmosphere. The first chapter shows elements foreshadowing the evilness of Mr. ...read more.


The whole idea of the story is hidden until Stevenson tells the name of the murderer, the technique of multiple perspectives which is a very good way of heightening the horror and allows us to see more clearly into their characters and relationships which is a good way of plotting a novel. Another technique used by Stevenson is, that he gives clues to the reader and make them solve the mysteries in their heads which involves the readers more also in this way the novel have more impact on the readers that what's going on and this all adds to the atmosphere. Response: Stevenson is making the plot more exciting. Utterson needs to find out about Hyde and he also needs to know the man who got the key of the mysterious door, I think the main point of this novel showing that there is a good and an evil side to all people, some people are more in touch with their good side, some with their evil side. He shows we all have a good and an evil side because we are all capable of doing both good and evil. In this novel Stevenson shows how we can be good and evil. ...read more.

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