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THE STRANGE NEIGHBOUR Mr and Mrs Brown and their two children decided to go on a holiday on Monday 22nd of December. The day was cold and windy. Mr Brown's mother did not want to go with them, so she decided to stay alone, but Mr Brown did not want his mother to stay alone so he asked one of their neighbour Mr Collins to come and stay with his mother while they are on holiday. Mr Collins was about 25 years old. He was a very interesting person to know. He was friendly but quiet and never said much about his family or friends. Normally every morning he would say hello and smile! Every morning, Monday to Saturday he would go to work from 9 am to 7 pm. ...read more.


On her way back home, she went to see her very close friend Mrs Robertson. They had a cup of tea together and gossiped for a while. Then she came back home and prepared dinner. She felt bit alone but she preferred being independent as she liked to be on her own at times, and also liked to do things alone during the day time, but still she missed her family very much. Mr Collins came home and had dinner. He watched TV for a while and then went to sleep. This is what use to happen everyday. A week had passed and it was Tuesday evening, Mr Collins started being very strange and mysterious. Whenever Mr Brown's mother used to take out her jewellery or her money, he would look at her very strangely. ...read more.


After she made lunch she went upstairs to get dressed and went to take her jewellery out, so she opened her cupboard, but she could not find her jewellery so she got worried. She went to see if her money was their but all of her money had disappeared as well. She then realised that she had been robbed also all her expensive things had been stolen. She called the police; they came just when Mr Brown and his family arrived. She told the police what had happened and also mentioned who was staying with her while her family had gone on a holiday. The police went to Mr Collins house, there was no one there and all his things had gone. They tried looking for him for many years but they never found him. Mr Brown and his family came to know that was the last they saw of him. ...read more.

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