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The stranger. Just before the show was about to begin, the door swung open. A silhouette of a tall, dark stranger moved across the room and sat at the bar.

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Eloise Sear 11P English coursework - creative writing The Stranger It was the last cabaret night of the holiday season in the town of Cold Springs in Nevada. All the children were back at school, so the only people in the theatre were a few couples taking their holidays outside of the main season. It was so quiet that the barman was leaning up against the mirrored wall behind him talking on his phone, not having to serve anyone. Just before the show was about to begin, the door swung open. A silhouette of a tall, dark stranger moved across the room and sat at the bar. He ordered a bourbon and asked "when does the show start?" at that moment the lights went dim and the stage lit up. The stranger turned around towards the sound of footsteps at the back of the theatre. Nathan Clark had come down the stairs from his office above the theatre and sat down in his usual seat in the corner near the emergency exit. ...read more.


That night however, there was more than one stranger in town. Having been told by their friend that Nathan and Bree were distracted watching the show and knowing that their children attended boarding school, three shadowy figures crept across the front lawn of the largest house in town. They managed to disable the alarm system and enter the house through a rear window. Lilly made her way to her dressing room as the lights in the theatre came back on. As the audience began to leave, Nathan realised that the stranger was absolutely nowhere to be seen. He pushed Bree to one side and made his way towards the backstage area. Lilly opened the dressing room door and noticed the reflection of the stranger in the opposite mirror. She closed the door and flung her arms around him. He wiped the make-up from around her eyes and revealed a number of dark bruises. ...read more.


Blood poured out in vast amounts and death followed for Nathan almost instantly. As Lilly pulled the trigger, Nathan was already falling to the floor and her shot hit the wall across the corridor. Bree yelled at the stranger to leave and to take Lilly's gun with him. Bree was to take the blame for everything that had happened that night. As the police to both of the girls to the station, four men left town in the opposite direction, one of them carrying a gun in his left hand. The trial that followed a couple of weeks later left Bree convicted of man slaughter. Bree tried to escape from her prison sentence by crying out stories of the abuse she had received from her husband. Bree's tales of Nathan's violence had been backed up by Lilly ensuring her a lower sentence and Lilly was sent home from the court room. The only person missing from this scene was the stranger. ...read more.

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