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The subject of Night of the Scorpion is literally that a scorpion has stung the mother and actions are taken to deal with it. It is effective because it is also easily understood and the writer refers to it several times like Hughes in Wind.

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Poetry Coursework Ted Hughes wrote Wind and he lived from 1930-1980. He is from Yorkshire. Hughes published his first book of poems when he was 27. Hughes lived close enough to nature to know, at first hand, the cruelty that exists beneath the beautiful surface and he presents these facts vividly often-arousing negative emotions. Hughes was brought up in a working class background winning a scholarship to Cambridge University. Whilst at Cambridge Hughes got married to Sylvia Plath within four months. In 1984 he was appointed Poet Laureate, was awarded an OBE and in 1998 the Queen awarded him with Order Of Merit. Nissim Ezekiel wrote Night of the Scorpion and she is from India she was born in Bombay during the British rule in India. She came to England and she is one of the first Indian poets to write in English. As you can see Hughes was born in England but Ezekiel was not. Hughes went to a University in England but Ezekiel did not. ...read more.


The reader can identify with the subject. This is effective because this evolves the reader in to the poem. Possible themes for wind include the state of the world destruction of war the earth's pollution and global warming. Other possible themes are mans inferiority to nature, or maybe feeling of fear or anxiety that the poet faces. These would be effective because it makes us feel about the current state of world affairs. The title of 'Night of the Scorpion' is effective because this tells us about the basics of the poem this is also quiet horror like. The titles of both poems are very different one is simple while the other is telling us about the basics of the poem. I think that Hughes has used the title of 'Wind' because he does not want to give too much away about the poem, while Nissim Ezekiel wanted to tell us about the poem so we would read it. In Night of the Scorpion there is a metaphor used 'The evil one' this been the scorpion this is effective because the scorpion has a lot of sting in its tail. ...read more.


It is effective because it is also easily understood and the writer refers to it several times like Hughes in Wind. The possible theme of Night of the Scorpion is the idea of good against evil using religion in a time of crisis, clash of cultures and beliefs. The poets have emphasised different powers of nature one being the wind that there is nothing that we can do about that. The other being the scorpion there is a little we can do like sprays n trap for the scorpion. The poets have made a connection with me through these poems, as I now know the poets thought and feeling at different times thought what they wrote during what they said. I feel the most powerful aspect of Wind being 'This house has been out at sea all night' this makes the hose feel isolated and helpless, which is very powerful. I feel the most powerful aspect of Night of the Scorpion being 'The evil one' this shows the writer are suggesting someone being scared and the scorpion being in control. ...read more.

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