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The Subway

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As I walked down the dark gloomy steps towards the subway the walls were whispering about me. The walls were covered in old and rotted posters witch were years old and the smell was awful it smelt like the sewers. As I reached the bottom of the steps it started to become a bit brighter. The floors were covered in litter like a junkyard. As I stood there and waited for my dreaded train that takes me to school, I seen him the tall plump man who stands there every morning staring at the track. Normally when the train arrives I just chuckle and get on the train but today something come over me and I shouted idiot to him. ...read more.


As my dreaded journey carried on I couldn't stop worrying if he was going to come after me. When the train stopped at the stop just before Brooklyn my friend got on and I told him the story but it was no use he just laugh and thought I was joking, until I seen him on the carriage in front. I froze for a second then realized I had to go. I grabbed John and said come on were getting off here he replied "no!! Im going too school," I didn't give him another chance to say no. I held on to him until the train stopped as soon as the doors opened I dragged him off. ...read more.


When we were coming up the steps of the subway I noticed the same certain smell as we came up the steps we were on the busy streets of Brooklyn. We decided to go to McDonalds to get a burger. As we entered there he was sat there with a cup of coffee. We ran out of McDonalds down the subway onto the train that takes us home. We just made on the train. As we came to Johns stop he got of and I was all alone. When I got to my stop I got off and there he was standing there. I thought I won't run ill just be casual. I got past the scared man then he grabbed me from behind. ...read more.

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