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The sun’s glow lit up the sky with a crimson colour, while the beat of the train slowing down for the station sounded like the heartbeat of an old man dying.

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The sun's glow lit up the sky with a crimson colour, while the beat of the train slowing down for the station sounded like the heartbeat of an old man dying. One solitary person stepped off the train and looked around to see no one to greet her, at what was once a busy platform twenty years ago. It had changed so much in that space of time from a blue painted roof and green doors to murky coloured panels with daylight showing through where stones had been violently thrown. As she walked through the rickety old building, hoping that it would not fall, she saw a dusty plan of the town, as it was in the days she lived here, and saw the school and her own house marked on with charcoal or some other black substance. This, she worked out, was her father's map that he had owned when he worked at the local station. Fighting back the tears from her tired, pale face, she walked out into the sunshine. To anyone else this would seem to be a ghost town, but to her it was where she had lived her childhood, watched her parents die and had now returned to. ...read more.


His face and body were covered in dirt. The knots in his hair when she tried to brush it were like a cat trying to catch a ball of wool; the cat can never unravel it and it always rolls away. After failing miserably to clean him she gave up. It was as at this point that she realised what day it was. It was twenty years ago, today, that her parents had died. She had planned to have a ceremony, or something similar, today at her old derelict house. However the little boy had hidden her shabby rucksack, which held all the equipment for the day to come. When she asked for her bag back he thought it was a game and said that she needed the magic word to get it back. She screamed at him so hard that huge tears rolled down his face as he picked up her bag from under his torn blanket. She walked away with her battered bag in her arms, feeling a twinge of guilt as she glanced around to see the boy following her ten metres behind with his head hung low, like a dogs' tail between its legs when it's been naughty. ...read more.


He had never seen fire before but had only heard of it. He went up to the ashes and put his hand on them. Unfortunately he ended up with a line on his hand where the hot ashes had burnt him. The boy decided he did not like fire and ran to catch up. He spent quite a while looking for her and finally found her at the train station waiting for the next train to arrive. Timidly he asked her what she was doing and whether she was going to leave him alone like his parents had done. For the first time she realised that he was the same as her. He was parentless and on his own and so was she. She decided to take him back with her and treat him like a brother. When the train came the little boy ran and hid behind some trashcans. She coaxed him out just as the train driver said that he had to leave now if he was to be on time for the other stations. Life from now on would be better for both of them. The girl would be able to live life without thinking her parents blamed her for their death and the boy now had someone to look after him. Words:1527 ?? ?? ?? ?? Nicola Webb 1 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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