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"The Sun Rising" by John Donne, "On Monsieur's Departure" attributed to Queen Elizabeth I and "A Red, Red Rose" by Robert Burns

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Compare and contrast 3 pre 1914 poems that concern themselves with love. Make clear references to language and technique in your answer. "So deep in luve am I," There have been many poems which have been written throughout the ages that have expressed love from very simple stanzas to very complex long poems. This extract which is from "A red, red rose" shows one of the many different aspects of love, that it is eternal and is extremely powerful and potent enough to make a person fall so deeply in love, nothing else can achieve this effect. There are many different aspects of love, the sexual side of love, the loss of someone you love, continual love, eternal love, the power of love and many different others. There are a huge range of poems that concern themselves about love but I have chosen just three, which are, "The Sun Rising" by John Donne, "On Monsieur's Departure" attributed to Queen Elizabeth I and "A Red, Red Rose" by Robert Burns. All of these poems have the idea of love in them but they all have different aspects of love, in The Sun Rising the poet explores the sexual side of love, he loves a girl and they make love at night, it also explores the power of ...read more.


Imagery is used a lot in all three poems and describes very well all of the different types of love and does this in detail. Rhythm and rhyming is used in all three poems to give a more romantic and melodious feeling to the poems. A red, red rose rarely uses words which are more than one syllable long, this affects the rhythm of the poem and makes it simpler and easier to read, it also gives it a romantic air to it. It also used alternate rhyming couplets, which affects the way it is read out, it makes it sound a lot more melodious and nicer to read. This is the same with the other two poems; they both have an alternate rhyming couplet some which are two lines apart and there are some rhyming couplets as well, this adds to the melody of the poem and makes it much nicer to read. On Monsieur's Departure uses Iambic pentameters, which makes it more sophisticated which reflects on the poem, which is more sombre and mournful compared to the other two, it also reflects Elizabeth's nature as well, very complex. A red, red rose uses quatrain stanzas, 4 stanzas which are only 4 lines long, these are simple and to the point, it is the simplest of the 3 poems and is very easy to read. ...read more.


The word "eclipse" is also an important word, it sums up one of the stanzas, saying that the man could block off the sun with a wink of his eyelids so he has complete control of the sun, but he doesn't want to do this because he will lose sight of his girl and he doesn't want that to happen. In On Monsieur's Departure a piece of language that sums up the whole stanza is "from myself another self I turned," this describes the two sides of Elizabeth I, she is a gentle, soft and caring woman yet she has to be seen as hard as iron to the public because she is the Queen and has to look strong so her enemies do not attack her. Language is used to enhance the ideas of love in all three of the poems. All three poems have a main focus of love, each of the three writers have used many different poetic techniques and different forms of language to enhance their chosen form of love. Thy have explored the ideas that love is eternal, the sexual side of love and the loss of someone you love. They are all different and use different styles yet they are all similar because they talk about love, and it is very clear that they are all centred on different aspects of love. ...read more.

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