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The super, scaring, sightseeing adventure.

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The super, scaring, sightseeing adventure. The cable car jerked forward unsteadily. It halted. The ancient cables beginning to corrode. The thirty people inside yelling and screaming with terror. They began to panic! The cable car started to move a fraction at a time it proceeded. The boy who was watching with fear noticed the cable car said "Warning; 25 people maximum" His body began to shake and shiver more and more. The boy was about 5ft 2, with dark hair and brown eyes. The freezing weather was getting to him, although he tried to buck up, he also tried rubbing his hands together to heat up. Jim noticed the cable car above his head. The cable car now began to sway with the horrific wind. The yelling and shouting got boisterous and became deafening. The thunderous wind made the cable car jerk forward and backwards. The thirty now shouting desperately for help! Jim was trying to make out what the woman in the cable car was saying. The women had dark hair, with what looked like blue eyes; it was hard to tell from that distance. ...read more.


cable car." The man at the office dressed in a blue suit, with a clean white shirt and a red tie immediately picked the phone up and called the emergency services. "Hello, we have a cable car stuck on the cable and the car is swinging, thank you bye." After the man had put the phone down he asked where the people were, Jim replied "At the top of the ski slopes" now breathing normally. The six rescue men stormed in, without hesitation they asked "Where are they" Jim replied "At the top of the ski slope" The men left and smashed the door behind them, the rescuers drove off in their rescue van. As they got nearer to the ski slope their van would keep on skidding, finally they decided to go on foot, as their van would not make it up. The six rescuers dressed in blue overalls and big boots began to take out the ladder and run up. As they were going they heard sounds which sounded familiar. The sounds were someone asking questions, but who could it be? ...read more.


On the way back the team of rescuers asked Jim if the people were his family or friends? Jim replied " No, I came sightseeing and I was about to take a photograph of the cable cars and I noticed the family in trouble" The rescue men were really nice and praised Jim "You are a very brave young lad" They approached the receptionist office; they went inside and explained that the people had disappeared. The man at the office informed Jim and the six rescuers that the people inside the cable car were saved by Helicopter. Jim was absolutely delighted and asked the man if he could see them. The rescuers waved good bye to Jim and went, Jim was to happy to have noticed them and he burst into the room next door where the thirty people were resting after there horrid experience. As Jim entered the room the people clapped and cheered as though he was a hero. Jim felt proud. They all thanked him for calling the emergency services. They even asked him to stay with them for the three days they were here for. After they had finished resting they all went back to their hotel and had a surprise party for Jim. Jim was a hero! ...read more.

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