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The Supernatural and the witches

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Macbeth The super natural and the witches The story of Macbeth, like most of Shakespeare's plays, tells a story that has a moral lesson attached to it. Macbeth was essentially a man who craved power but even when a prophecy was revealed that he would gain, Macbeth still wasn't truly satisfied. Instead, he went to great lengths to ensure that his power lasted longer than it should have. He submitted to the evil whims and plans of his wife, Lady Macbeth, and put himself in a position that destroyed his self respect, ruined his pride, degraded his honour, and spoiled his integrity. For my essay I have decided to base it on the witches and the super natural things, which take part in the book "Macbeth" One will always notice the many influences that Macbeth encounters before his downfall. Each one of these may have had some bit of impact on the final outcome. The three most popular causes of the tragedy of Macbeth are the main character's ambition, the witches' prophecies, and Lady Macbeth's influence over Macbeth. in this case, it is obvious that there was some other force behind him that helped him to change from a respectable, trustworthy man, to a deceiving murderer. ...read more.


So far in the play Macbeth has become Thane of Cawdar by winning the battle against the Norwegians and Macdonald. The witches give Macbeth three Prophecies, which are Thane of Glamis (which Macbeth already is) Thane of Cawdar and the last prophecy that the witches gave to Macbeth is King of Hereafter "All hail, Macbeth! That shalt be king here after" The witches' prophecies have already taken a big influence over Macbeth's life. "Glamis and thane of Cawder: The greatest is behind" This meaning for Macbeth the next step is even better than the one before. Macbeth wants to become king but Banquo doesn't trust the witches he refers to them as the devil "can the devil speak true" Banquo believes that evil spirit would not tell them the truth. Banquo then said "to win us to our harm" meaning the witches are going to lead Macbeth and Banquo to their own destruction. Banquo was becoming suspicious of the death of Duncan. Macbeth Realises that Banquo heard the witches' three prophecies he doesn't like Banqo's suspicion so he arranges for him and his son Fleance to be killed. Macbeth wants his son murdered as well as Banquo because the witches have told him that they were the future King. ...read more.


Due to Macbeth's previous visit to the witches he proceeds to burn Macduff's castle to kill all his family but he fails to kill Macduff because he had gone away to rally an army somewhere in England. "The castle of Macduff I will surprise, seize upon fife; give to th' edge o' th' sword his wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls that trace him in his line. No boasting, like a fool; this deed I'll do, before this purpose cool". When Macduff found out about the tragic, and brutal murders of his family he and his army returned to Scotland to kill Macbeth. Each person was carrying a branch from a tree, to form an illusion that they were a moving forest. Just as the witches prophecy said. As I said earlier Macduff was the only person able to kill Macbeth because he was born not of a woman, a lot of the army members have trouble trying to kill Macbeth but eventually Macduff killed Macbeth. Even in his final uttered words before his death, Macbeth refers to two of the witch's apparitions, these being the second and third apparition concerning the Great Birnam wood knocking at his door and his inevitability to anyone born of a woman: ...read more.

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