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The Survivor

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´╗┐Jasmin Kirupananthan, Form LVB, 24/09/13, Draft 2 Write your own story using the technique of flashbacks The Survivor He was just about to go downstairs when he heard strange noises coming from Joe?s room. ?Grandpa? What?s going on? Are you okay?? He ran into Joe?s room. Joe was lying on his side groaning, one hand half covering his face making a distressed expression and the other gesturing to the floor. Several pictures the boy had never seen before lay scattered before him. Slowly he picked these up in armfuls. What had appeared to be pictures were actually hundreds of newspaper cut-outs. One after another, the boy looked through the articles, his heart pounding as he realised what he was reading. The boy?s concerned expression changed almost immediately. His face had become a crimson red, burning with anger. ?Y-you never told us Grandpa?? the boy shouted, ?Tell me why?? he demanded. Joe didn?t move. His head faced the floor, almost as if he was ashamed. ...read more.


As he examined the situation, he noticed that mothers were sobbing, some screaming. He looked up at his mother; she was gazing at them solemnly, her eyes looked sunken and she appeared to be lost in thought. Joe coughed and she looked down and forced a smiled, ?I?ll see you later Joe. Have a good day.? She kissed him and waved goodbye, her heart breaking as she walked away. She knew that anywhere was safer than home. Joe nodded and joined his classmates. The day passed quickly and soon it was lunchtime. Joe and his friend were nearing the dining room eagerly anticipating a hearty meal. Suddenly an intense light dazzled them. There was an earth shattering bang. The next thing they knew, their teacher was screaming, ?RUN, GO TO THE BASEMENT QUICKLY RUN!? Struggling to breathe, Joe ran to the nearest door, desperately tugging on the stubborn door knob, ?IT?S NOT OPENING, HELP SOMEONE HELP!? yelled Joe helplessly. ...read more.


?I-I?m sorry Grandpa. I shouldn?t have yelled at you like that. It?s just... I don?t understand. Why didn?t you tell us? You shouldn?t have had to go through all this by yourself,? the boy explained. Joe sat silently, hunched over with a sense of loss. ?I-I couldn?t. I wanted to forget what happened that day... that afternoon on 6th August 1945. I went to sleep that night and promised myself that I would not relieve that pain ever again because it killed me the first time,? Joe whispered, his arms wrapped tightly around himself in an embrace, gently rocking back and forth. His cheeks were stained with the endless stream of tears from his glossy eyes, enduring the emotional pain that continued to engulf him. As the boy reached out and touched Joe?s hand, a feeling of warmth and affection filled the room. ?Grandpa, if you wish to keep this a secret then I?ll do so.? the boy insisted, smiling reassuringly. ?You must not feel guilty for surviving, you must feel blessed.? ...read more.

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