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The Symptoms of Love

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The Symptoms of Love I think that both Romeo and Adrian Mole are on the obsessive border and seem to even idolise the women that they love. They both compare the girl they think they love to other things. (for Adrian Mole it is Pandora and for Romeo it is Rosaline and Juliet.) They use metaphors about the people themselves, like Adrian Mole says 'Her hair is the colour of treacle'. Romeo describes his love as a one way thing, unacquainted love. He loves Rosaline but she is too pretty and amazing to ever like somebody like him. Romeo's love is just what he can see (lust) and not what is on the inside. As soon as Romeo sees Juliet he immediately casts Rosaline out of his mind, which means that he can't have really loved her, or else she wouldn't have been forgotten so easily. ...read more.


He does these small things that he thinks will get her attention, so that she will notice him and love him back. When Pandora 'goes out with Nigel', Adrian feels sick and depressed. This could be a sign that his love is genuine for Pandora but I don't think that it is it is just a passing thing. Romeo's speech and language is complicated because it was written during Shakespearean times, so we would have a bit of trouble understanding it now. The language is reasonably difficult even for the right era because Romeo is using lots of comparisons to describe Rosaline's and Juliet's beauty. Phrases such as 'For beauty starved with her severity, cuts beauty off from all posterity', which simply means that Rosaline's beauty will not get passed on because she will not have children. ...read more.


I think that Romeo was in the same situation with Rosaline as Adrian is with Pandora. He just likes the look of her, but if he carries on his feelings may develop into something more serious. Romeos love for Juliet is deep from the start and to the end where he kills himself over her. Maybe the reason why Romeo loved Juliet from the start is because he found someone who he thought was the perfect match for him and that he felt this and wanted to love her deeply. I feel that Adrian Mole and Romeo are in a similar situation, where they like the look of someone and that they can't seem to get over them, and that it will develop into proper love as time progresses. I do feel quite sorry for both of them, as they love someone who appears not to love them back and rejection is the worst feeling in the world. ...read more.

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