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The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband - During the course of this short story the author manages to evoke various different responses to the story.

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The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband During the course of this short story the author manages to evoke various different responses to the story. From laughter and humour at the beginning to guilt and remorse at the end. The first section is very thought provoking. The author is making the reader think about what we have read. In this section the author talks how we are brought up with a certain view of things and if someone or something does not fit to our ideas we find it weird and hard to comprehend. The first section has many rhetorical questions for example "Do you air your views recklessly in front of your seniors?" and "Do you presume to throw your weight about before your superiors?" The author wants us to answer no toe every question and naturally we all do. Then he asks a question about, us the readers, and whether we would choose a husband shorter than us, or a wife taller than us. Once again we answer no. We have been trapped into answering the question like this because the author wants us to. The author then goes on to tell us about "such a couple." In section two the author begins to describe the couple and how they have unmistakable contrasts. ...read more.


We see how the tailor's wife must not get along well with her husband and also how the couple are together for their love and not for any other reason. The respect we have them grows a bit more because we see how much the tailor's wife is pestering them yet they do not seem to care. Right at the end of this section the tailor's wife devises another theory for why the couple are together. This new theory is that the tall woman is with the short husband because of his high salary. As readers we know this is not true because we have seen many moments where the couple do not argue and get along splendidly. This evokes are response of disgust for the tailor's wife because she has now sunk extremely low and we notice what a horrible woman she is. In the third section the story becomes more serious. The Chinese Cultural Revolution is brought into the story. The word "disaster" is mentioned, this word helps bring the scale of the revolution in to account. We are told that the short husband suffers and that his flat is ransacked. We feel sorry for him because of all he has been through with the tailor's wife. ...read more.


We feel that it is unfair that she had to die after all she ahs been through. The short husband gets his job back and his pay. The tailor's wife spotting a rich single man cannot wait to set him up with her niece. This shows us that she is hypocritical because she accused Mrs. Tall of marrying him for his money. When she arrives at the gatehouse she sees that Mr. Short's face is black and she sees the photo of them in their wedding day on the wall. I think she has a strange feeling of guilt, she then retreats and does not mention her niece. Mr. Short never remarried but when it rained the author tells us that we can see him holding the umbrella up high. "There is a big empty space under that umbrella a vacuum that nothing on earth can fill," this quote is the very last sentence of the story. It is very hard hitting and makes us think. Once again the author had shown us how he was devoted to her and she was to him. During the story the author manages to evoke many responses by showing and describing to us how the residents if Unity Mansions do and then we mimic their reactions. Through each stage of the story we react exactly the same as they do. Devrim Dirlik 10RB ...read more.

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