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The Taming of the Shrew - Bianca and Katherina do not fully show their true character in the first half of the play; write a monologue for each of them that couldbe delivered after the first act.

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The Taming of the Shrew Bianca and Katherina do not fully show their true character in the first half of the play; write a monologue for each of them that could be delivered after the first act. Bianca Bianca is the younger daughter of Baptista, the beautiful Bianca is the opposite of her sister Katherina. She is soft-spoken, timid, polite, sweet, unassuming and does exactly what her father wants. All men love her because she is stereotypically what men want from their wives. She has several potential suitors waiting to ask for her hand in marriage. She knows how to sell herself but is this what she is really like deep down inside? "My plan is going just as I wanted it to. Both Lucentio and Hortensio were arguing over me today ... yet again. Daddy has arranged for me to have music lessons. My daddy thinks that I adore music but it is just the icing on the cake to my wonderful personality. Katherina doesn't really like music I told her that "my books and instruments shall be my company, on them to look and practice by myself" but what I really thought was that I might be able to find a suitor that daddy doesn't know about... yes that would be a good idea, I could show him that his precious little Bianca does not always do what her daddy wants her to. ...read more.


She is seen as very opinionated, uneasy and uncooperative who doesn't respect men in general, her father in particular. Katherina has a hot and fiery temper and is "too hot to handle". However all of these things are the first impression we get of her but what is she really like? "Tradition this, tradition that, that's all my father thinks about. It doesn't matter that he makes me look like a fool in the process. How could he embarrass me this morning in front of Lucentio and Hortensio like that? To say that Bianca can't get married until I am married and out of the way... that is just plain insulting. When father asked Hortensio and Gremio to find me a husband they said "Marry, sir, to get a husband for her sister." "A husband! A devil". What do people think of me if they have the nerve to say something like that to my own father? I've decided that if people think that I am a bad tempered and fiery devil then I will act like one. That will show them not to mess with me... Whom am I trying to deceive? Dad really hurt me this morning and he didn't even realise that he had upset me; he was too busy worrying about his precious little baby Bianca. I hate Bianca! I hate Bianca! ...read more.


To men and her father Bianca is seen as a calm, beautiful, timid and polite young lady but from my monologue I wanted to bring across the idea that when she is with her sister Katherina she reveals her true colours. She is loud, bad-tempered and exactly the opposite of what she shows us in public. By saying things like "I've got my daddy wrapped around my little finger", and, "If she was to say something horrible about me to my daddy who would he believe", I was hoping to show the fact that she was very secretive and rather clever in order to be able to scheme and plan ways to hurt her father. In Katherina's monologue I also wanted to bring across her true personality. To her father and most men Katherina is a bad-tempered devil whereas we find that she actually is more like Bianca's outwards appearance. Katherina has a sensitive side and I was hoping to bring this across by Katherina saying, "Dad really hurt me this morning and he didn't even realise that he had upset me". I also wanted to show the fact that Katherina might actually be jealous of the attention that Bianca receives from her father and men. I did this by having Bianca say, "He (Baptista) was too busy worrying about his precious little baby Bianca". From both monologues I hopes to bring across the true characters of both Bianca and Katherina. I feel that actually Katherina's true character is like Bianca's false character and Bianca's true character is like Katherina's false character. - 1 - ...read more.

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