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The Taming of the Shrew - Does It Teach Us Anything About Handling Relationships Today?

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THE TAMING OF THE SHREW DOES IT TEACH US ANYTHING ABOUT HANDLING RELATIONSHIPS TODAY? I would say that you probably can learn a little something about modern day relationships from 'The Taming of the Shrew'. We can learn from Katherina's mistakes. Katherina's personality and actions tell us how not to do things if we want a relationship to succeed. Men today are different from those in the time of 'Taming of the Shrew'; their opinions and taste in women have changed. In fact, I think that relationships today are the complete opposite from those in the sixteenth Century as society has changed. Katherina has a problem at the very start of the play, where she is being forced in to marriage. The reason for this is that her younger sister, Bianca, wants to get married but can't unless Katherina does first. This is summed up when Baptista, her father says 'That is, not to bestow my youngest daughter before I have a husband for the elder'. ...read more.


Petruchio likened her to a wasp as her sharp tongue is like the sting of a wasp and when wasps sting you they are usually angry. Katherina's behaviour would be completely acceptable in today's society. We know this because if you take a modern day shrew like Madonna, she can act just the way Katherina does, being loud, aggressive, feisty, opinionated and independent. Yet she can still be famous and sell millions of records where as nobody wanted to know Katherina, she was even likened to the devil by her own father in Act 2 Scene 1 'Thou hilding of a devilish spirit'. Katherina flirts a lot with Petruchio when they first meet. 'Petruchio: Myself am moved to woo thee for my wife.' 'Katherina: 'Moved' - in good time!' I think she does quite like him but because of her reputation she can't show it properly. Katherina's relationship with Petruchio is a difficult one as it is quite violent which is down to Katherina's personality and Petruchio trying to tame her. ...read more.


In Shakespeare's time divorce was a disgrace to the whole family and because of this Katherina might want to keep the peace to save her marriage, however I do think that she was truly tamed. After exploring the play I have not changed my original response to the question. I also believe that men have changed their opinions about women and most men don't actually go for the shy, quiet, 'seen and not heard type' anymore. They want somebody with a more out going personality, someone they can have fun with instead of sitting at home watching paint dry, so to speak. Personally, I think women should have their own views, opinions and life without men bossing them about. We don't need men to boss us about now because times have changed and women can fend for themselves. There are more and more women getting better paid jobs than before but I still don't think that we should act like we don't need men at all because we do need them sometimes, for example, if we want to marry or have children. I would agree that women should be independent, but not entirely, as men need us as much as we need them. ...read more.

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