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The teenage years.

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Kemi Oluwayose 10V English Coursework The teenage years - loved and loathed by some and encountered by all! Many people have their memories of being a teenager, they remember being young and mischievous and being free of the responsibilities that they have now. However, there is one thing that every teenager whether now or then has in common - the 'hatred' for the 'boundary setters' in their lives whether it's their parents or teacher it's hatred-pure hatred. One of the joys of being a teenager is the fact that we have a lot of free time when not doing school or housework. We do not necessarily have to work for our money. There is always some sort of bribery to get what we want e.g., we may act a real goody to get what we want. Illustrated in the following dialogue. Daughter; 'Hi mum, you're looking very beautiful today and are you taking exercise classes, because your belly seems to have flattened and, oh my goodness, is that a new hairstyle you like the sun in all it's glory?' ...read more.


Another good thing about being a teenager is the fact that there is so much energy in us; many adults these days are very remorseful about the fact that they just do not have the energy to the things that we do and take for granted. However, the thing that I have personally enjoyed most about being a teenager is that I can do things that my mum and dad cannot do. For example if I get excited over a celebrity and star screaming my head off people would just see it as a teenage crush. However, if my mum did exactly the same thing people would be looking at her as if there is something wrong with her, someone might even say 'that's the sort of thing I expect from your daughter.' There are many things that we may not find beneficial to us, like some of the school subjects we have to study. An example of the usual statement is 'miss, I don't see the point in me taking RE when it won't do anything for my career as a beautician, as a matter of fact I am considering changing schools so I can concentrate on my future career.' ...read more.


The teenager has been invited and has asked their parent(s) if they can go but the answer was no. Usually the teenager might accuse the parents of being unfair but they might not realise the parent(s) have gone to unsupervised parties in their teenage years and know the dangers of them. However, as much as there are sorrows in the teenage years there are as much joys. Some of which have been mentioned in some of the paragraphs above. However, are some I did not mention like, we can learn from the adults around us mistakes'. There are things that they did that as we grow older in life will learn not to make. In addition, we can get away with a lot of things for example, if we are rude to our teachers we might just get a warning but if adults are rude to their bosses they risk the sack... Overall, everyone knows that the teenage years can be ones of difficulty and pleasure, love and hurt, anger and happiness and joys and sorrows. Through this piece of coursework, I hope to have been able to show you the different perspectives of being a teenager. THE END ...read more.

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