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the tempest

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What impressions do you get of stephano and trinculo? - The tempest One of the impressions you first get of stephano is that he was one of the 3 people who plotted against Prospero. He promised Trinculo and Caliban things he could not deliver. He was on the ship when it was wrecked. He believed that Caliban knew how to kill Prospero. Yet he didn't know who prospero was or ever seen how powerful prospero really was. He was willing to be seen as a Lord by Caliban, although for much of the play Caliban appears to be in control. ...read more.


Stephano want's to be treated like a king which Caliban is doing. Stehano is such a character that is easily distracted along with trinculo. He believes whatever he sees around him. Trinculo is a character with a wild sense of humour. He is easily frightened by the unknown spirits of the island and the strange sound he hears. The way he treat's Caliban makes it sound dramatic and funny. Although trinculo's language towards Caliban is abusive and shows how much he dislikes him. ...read more.


Stephano and trinculo are distracted very easily and do not focus on the plot that Caliban has planned against Prospero. This shows in the text. "Monster, come put lime upon your fingers and away with rest". This explains that stephano and trinculo aren't really bothered or aren't showing much interest in murdering prospero. Stepheno is quite different compared to trinculo. Stephano classes him self as a self-important, bossy and a powerful character. Stephano makes Caliban address him as lord where as trinculo treats Caliban as a slave. "Lord quotes he? That a monster should be such a natural!" Trinculo dislikes Caliban therefore he dose not take much notice to what he says. ...read more.

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