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The tension reaches its climax when Jane screams in the room after seeing Mr. Reeds ghost haloed face and everyone rushes there.

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The red-room was a spare chamber, was a 'very seldom' place where Mr. Reed died nine years ago. The red room shows a number of gothic elements in order to make a horroristic image in our heads about the place she is locked into. The place was 'solemn because it was known to be so seldom entered'. The room 'was silent, because remote from the nursery and kitchens'. In the room her imaginary makes her see some elements of superstition like a 'tiny phantom' who is a 'half fairy' and 'half imp' the climax in the room is Mr. Reed's ghost who scares everything out of Jane 'haloed face' and makes her run out of the room. ...read more.


After the reasons have been revealed I think that she is still treated unfairly because Mr. Reed kept her with a reason and the other Reeds should she what he saw in Jane. The tension reaches its climax when Jane screams in the room after seeing Mr. Reeds ghost 'haloed face' and everyone rushes there. The tension is raised to show that every second something bad will happen to Jane in the house and we do not know what form it will take. After the servants meet Jane Bessie is the only one who seems to be paying attention to Jane's health 'Miss Eyre, are you ill?' Miss Abbot is the first one before Mrs. ...read more.


In the red-room she changes back into a scared child and this is shown when she screams in the room and then faints when she is locked in there for the second time. I feel that she is not treated fairly even though she is not a Reed but Ms. Reed should keep her promise and should take care about Jane as she promised it to her fallen husband. I would like at the end of the chapter or the next to change the attitudes towards Jane from both the Reeds and both the servants so she can have a good childhood. Bronte created Jane and the setting around to show how women struggles in the Victorian era so she tried to show nearly all the women's struggles with one person so others can realize the mistreatment of most women. ...read more.

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