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The Thames Gateway

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Introduction The Thames Gateway My development is located in East London along the famous River Thames in South Newham. It neighbours the River Thames ant The Royal Docks. Urban Regeneration is basically bringing good again to something that has economically declined. It could just consist of modernisation or even building from scratch. The Thames Gateway has many docks, old and new. The oldest London Docks were closed in 1967. The West India Docks closed between 1978 and 1980. Finally the last docks to close were the Royal Docks in 1981. The docks in use today are located further away from the centre of London, Tilbury. (Attached to this page is an A3 spread showing my site and the docks around it. It also shows the Dome and the City Airport. I found this information in a textbook.) The area has seen a tonne of investment in the past 20 years, for example Canary Wharf has had a mass of investment. ...read more.


Land Use Mapping I have constructed a land use map to show how the land around my site is being used. (it is attached to this page) From the land use map we can see that most of the land around my site is devoted to Industry (red). I have also shaded in Residential Areas (pink), Waste Ground (green), Parks (yellow), Water/River Thames (blue), Exhibition Centres (turquoise) and Roads (not coloured). What facilities does the area currently have? For this part of my investigation I used the Internet to locate facilities. (all information found on www.yell.com I typed the location as E16) Greengrocers: Welton P, 31, Freemasons Road, London E16 3AR Garages: Blessed Motors, 57a, North Woolwich Rd, London E16 2AA D.P Motors, 18-28, Fort St, London E16 2BD K&R Autos, Unit 25, Peto St North, London E16 1DD Newsagents: Dillons, 10, Albert Rd Silvertown, London E16 2DW P Jethwa, 41, Freemasons Rd, London E16 3PJ U Patel, 15, Pier Rd, London E16 2LH I.T Patel, 83, Butchers Rd, London E16 1NE I have attached two A3 maps to shoe where some of these are located. ...read more.


So a skyscraper is out of the question. I will undertake a survey to find out what people want, how far they would travel and why would it be successful. (survey is inserted after this page) From analysing the results of my survey, people around my site would most like to see either a Shopping Centre/Mall selling a variety of goods or a Cinema. From here I have three choices, I can build only a Shopping Centre/Mall, only a Cinema or I can combine the two to make both on the same premises. I have opted to choose the combination of both because I am giving the people exactly what they want. The nearest cinema to my site is all the way in Stratford, which is in E15. Also by looking at the land use map we can see that there are no entertainment areas for local residents, which is why locals would like a cinema. There are also no large shopping areas, which provide a large range of goods under one roof, which is why a shopping centre is useful, and a good idea. Conclusion ...read more.

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