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The theme of love and marriage in "Pride and Prejudice".

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The theme of love and marriage in pride and prejudice "Jane Austen takes love and marriage as the central theme for her novels , she is concerned with the problem of achieving a perfect marriage because marriage is the chief among personal relations"* . In this novel Jane Austen seeks to present different sorts of marriage in order to define not only the good reasons for marriage but the bad reasons as well . One example of bad marriages in the novel is the marriage of Mr and Mrs Bennet . They are presented as an ill-matched couple whose marriage is based on superficial qualities and outside appearance . There is a big gab between them . ...read more.


Their marriage is based on love , respect , mutual understanding , and self-understanding . Although their relation begins with pride , prejudice , and misunderstanding ; it passes many stages as " it converts from full hatred to complete admiration and satisfaction"* . For Darcy , Elizabeth is no longer the woman who is "not handsome enough to tempt (him)"* as he has discovered that she is "a woman worthy of being pleased"*. Also for Elizabeth , he is no longer "the last man in the world whom (she) could ever be prevailed on to marry"* but he becomes the "man who in disposition and talents , would most suit her"* . ...read more.


however , "their relation is not quite ideal as it lacks the depth found in Elizabeth and Darcy's one"* because they are so na�ve and do not have the power to decide or think for themselves so , they need the protection of someone else who is more practical and experienced like Elizabeth and Darcy . *Sushila Singh , Her concept of social life . *Dr . Mahmoud Abbas , Introduction of pride and prejudice . *Nicholas March , Jane Austen : the novels . *Jane Austen , Pride and Prejudice . *Austen's pride and prejudice . *Austen's pride and prejudice . *Austen's pride and prejudice . *Austen's pride and prejudice . *Marvin Mudrick , Modern Criticism . ...read more.

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