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The Theme of Love in Romeo and Juliet

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The Theme of Love in Romeo and Juliet Part 1 Introduction In this essay I will be discussing the theme of Love in Romeo and Juliet and how it has affected the characters and their lives. I will try to show how love wins over hate, and that the characters experience many different types of love, and how these types of love cannot always exist peacefully at the same time. Prologue The prologue is a few paragraphs explaining the situation of Romeo and Juliet and the environment they live in. It is read by a narrator. The first lines talk about the two families with the same amount of power, living in Verona. It tells of a violence and hatred between the two families a long time ago that is still going on, and how the people around them are being included in this hostility. This emphasises the seriousness of the situation, "...civil blood..." tells of death. "... from forth the fatal loins of these two foes..." means that two couples from the conflicting households have brought two children. "A pair of... lovers..." tells of their love for each other through their families hate and " ...death-mark'd love..." shows that their love will be a fatal love, resulting in death. It goes on to say that after they die, their parent's disagreements will come to an end, and that their parents loathing was so great that only their children's deaths could put an end to it; the continuance of their parent's rage, which but their children's end, nought could remove..." and says that for 2 hours the audience shall see "...the fearful passage of their death-mark'd love..." Finally, it says that what the introduction hasn't told you that the play "...shall strive to mend." In other words what hasn't been said in the introduction will be made clear throughout the play. It's Shakespeare's way of intriguing you and making you want to stay to watch the whole play. ...read more.


I know thou wilt say 'Ay'" subsequently, she thinks that he will automatically say yes even though he might not actually mean it deeply. She continues; "Thou mayst prove false." She thinks that he might just love her like he 'loved' Rosalind, and not feel deeply about her. She thinks he might just love her looks and not her. You could say that she is worried that they might marry, then regret it, because he will possibly go off her and find someone else, and she doesn't want this to happen not only because she will be hurt, but also because she has so much to lose. For instance, she could lose her parent's love and respect, and also Paris' love not forgetting Romeo's love. Another downside to their romance is that it is too fast. "I have no joy in this contract tonight; it is too rash." Is one of Juliet's remarks, because she is having further doubts about his love for her and wondering if tomorrow they will feel differently about each other, and that it is just a moments love, and again she is scared of being hurt. She has apprehensions about love, as she has never experienced the love she is feeling for Romeo right now. Later on, she says, "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep" to try to portray how intense her love is for Romeo, and you could say that, like the sea, her love has layers and some parts are dark and deep. "If that thy bent of love be honourable, thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow" This means that if Romeo really loves her, and if he wants to marry her, then he should send for her tomorrow so they can be married. Mercutio is worried about Romeo. He says, "Alas poor Romeo, he is already dead! Stabbed with a white wench's black eye." ...read more.


This illustrates how emotional and impulsive Juliet is, and could be the reason she takes such drastic action at the very end of the play. Lord and Lady Capulet's reactions over their daughter's 'death' are quite different ones. Lady Capulet cries "Alack the day! She's dead she's dead!" This gives you an idea about how heartbreaking her daughter's 'death' is to her but this possibly implies that Juliet is very much like a possession to her. She says, "She's dead" like she would if her favourite toy had been broken. She is very factual about it, and doesn't give an indication of how she feels it has affected her. Lord Capulet's language when he speaks of his daughter's death is very passionate and loving. He gives you an insight into how he feels about his daughter's recent 'death' and shows real feeling towards her. "Alack, my child is dead...and with my child my joys are buried!" in this statement, he shows a lot more relation to Juliet than his wife. When his wife speaks of the 'death' she says "she" and could be talking about anybody. Whereas Lord Capulet at least acknowledges that this girl is his daughter and goes on to say that when her life went, so did his joy and will to live. I think that from the death of the two protagonists, we learn that even true love does not always bring happiness, and that the most important thing to both parties, the thing that drove them to their deaths was their families, and the ongoing feud between them. I think that they were both very passionate and very in love and their deaths were responsible for peace at last between the two families. Final Conclusion In this essay I have discussed the theme of love, and have tried to show the different types of love, and how the conflict between them can sometimes be fatal. I think I have showed how it has affected the characters, the many different types of love the characters experience, and that love will, in the end, win over hate. ...read more.

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