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The Themes of Love is Crucial to an Understanding of the Play, 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

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The Themes of Love is Crucial to an Understanding of the Play, 'Much Ado About Nothing In this essay, it is necessary to discuss the main themes of love in the play, 'Much Ado About Nothing.' In the play, one of the main themes is Love. There can be many facets of love found in the play. It will be essential to discuss these facets, to find out whether the theme of love is crucial to the understanding of the play. There are many romantic relationships, which are important in the play. The first is the one of, Claudio and Hero. As being two main characters in the play, they are frequently mentioned. This means that their love for each other is expressed vividly in many references from the play. This is how Claudio describes Hero in the earlier stages of the play, " She is the sweetest lady I have ever looked upon" This shows us his love for the beautiful lady he wishes to marry. ...read more.


Family love is another topic that experiences misery and the happiness of love. The first relationship I am going analyse is the one between Leonato and his daughter Hero. There father, daughter relationship is very traditional. They love each other very much, but he wants what is best for her. When he believes that his daughter has betrayed her future husband, he takes the side of the Claudio, to start with. This shows that in a way, he does not trust her, but their love for each other is always strong. The next relationship is between Dom Pedro and Don John. These two brothers, claim to detest each other. In a way, I believe that they love each other very much but jealousy creeps into their brotherly relationship. The wicked Don John, I believe is jealous of his very successful brother Dom Pedro, who is the prince. ...read more.


Only good friends could do this. They spend a lot of time together, in fact in most scenes are always seen together. Comic Love is touched on briefly in the play, with Benedick and Beatrice. They seem to play around with each other. This is especially true when they go to the masked party at the beginning of the play. He pretends to be someone else, while she secretly knows that it is he. She toils with his mind, leaving him in a state. The characters of Dogberry and Virges are extremely good friends. They remind me of Laurel and Hardy, two very comic characters. They are two policemen who, very much believe in justice. They are both very poor and rely on their friendship. To conclude I believe that love is a crucial part to understanding the play, 'Much Ado About Nothing.' With all the facets I have explained, love has to be the most important main theme of 'Much Ado About Nothing.' ...read more.

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