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The Thieves Who Couldn't Help Sneezing

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Thomas Hardy Short Stories The Thieves Who Couldn't Help Sneezing There is one main character in this story, Hubert. We barely get any description of the physical features of Hubert; however what we do find out is: he is a fourteen year old boy, a 'yeoman's son' with a horse named Jerry. All of them resided in Wessex. 'A man darted from the thicket' 'Another man' 'And Another' These three quotes; all from the same paragraph tell us that there are in total three robbers. Yet again there is very little detail about any of the three robbers; two descriptions of the few criminals there states that their faces are 'artificially blackened', and at least one of them had a, 'deep voice'. ...read more.


This is a far-fetched, slightly unrealistic, short story where good prevails in the end. Hubert and his horse Jerry get attacked on their way home from a "small town", which was, "several miles" from his home. It was at that moment in the most likely of places that Hubert gets bound up and the unknown robbers take Jerry. By some lucky co-incidence Hubert was able to retrieve his legs from the bonds, and is then capable of walking freely. Even though Hubert was lost in the area he stumbled upon a mansion in the dark wooded area. Entering the place he found a banquet arranged on a long table, but no one was there eating the various foods. Strangely Hubert heard a deep voice similar to that of one of the robbers. ...read more.


More and more snuff is continually blown into the cupboard with the sneezing increasing in magnitude until eventually a robber yells, "Mercy!" Collecting weapons and aligning themselves in front of the cupboard, the Lords and Ladies watch the robbers surrender and tell Hubert where Jerry is. Jerry is found in the precise place the robbers said; as a gift of gratitude Hubert is given the best room in the mansion to sleep in; however Hubert declines and rides off safely home. This Short story is written about a seven-hour period in Hubert's life, and within that time a lot happens; all of it being briefly described in order to ensure it stays as a short story. It is a fast paced story and very entertaining to read, the plot of this story is almost as ridiculous as that of 'Tony Kytes - The Arch Deceiver'. ...read more.

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