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The Things They Carried

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Becca Emge Dr. Tjardes English 11 The Things They Carried 1. Tim O'Brien feels he is a coward for going to the Vietnam War because he might be confused about what courage is, as is every other man that went to the Vietnam War. Once he is out of the war, he realizes that the only reason he went into the Vietnam War was to prove to himself and others that he wasn't a coward, making him a coward for doing that. 2. The way to tell the difference between a true story and a lie is when the story changes and goes back and fourth between one thing then changes to the other. Tim O'Brien includes the section of how to tell a true war story because he wants you to look for the truths and be able to separate reality from a lie. ...read more.


5. O'Brien imagines the life and personality of the man he killed because maybe he feels bad, or full of regret. This would cause him to tell a story to in a way, keep him alive. He looks at the man laying dead, and sees certain features about him that might mean he's a certain type of person. "His chest was sunken and poorly muscled - a scholar, maybe. His wrists were the wrists of a child." (124) He sees things in the man that would show that he was either gentle, a communist, or what thoughts he carried in his mind throughout the war and in the past in his life. 6. O'Brien might have shifted the events in the book because that's how he sees it while he's in the moment of being in the war. There are times when he would remember something about Linda, and then the next minute he shoots a man. ...read more.


It is also a book about love because Tim talks about the woman he loves, and is always thinking in the back of his mind if she's with another guy. He carries the rock that she gave him around with him everywhere. It is also a love story in the sense of a brotherly love, with the men he is in the war with. 9. The significance of the title of the book, The Things They Carried has a meaning more than what they literally carried. Not only did they carry guns, weapons, and personal belongings, but they also carried memories and regret. "He remembered kissing her good night at the dorm door. Right then, he thought, he should've done something brave. He should've carried her up the stairs to her room and tied her to the bed and touched that left knee all night long. He should've risked it," (5) The memories cause the regret stay in his mind the whole time he's gone, which makes it something he carries with him. ...read more.

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