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The Third Floor Bedroom

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Eliot Bryant The third floor bedroom My body froze while i stood staring at the big elaborate red door, with the rusty '27' losing its colour to nature slowly and painfully as if the colour wanted to escape the prison that it had been painted on. My feet tapped to a rhythm that I made up in my head as I pondered many things that had happened here and all the memories that cannot be erased. My head tilted up like a gun on a turret trying to find its target which it did, my eyes latching on to the window, the third floor bedroom's window. I concentrated on it, having a staring competition with the window, I screened my eyes at the mountains of dirt and mud, built up from decades of neglect. If a cleaner were to come here, he would have to have a galactic war to get this stuff off, I smiled to myself remembering a similar joke cracked about that in times gone by. The smile disappeared quickly as I remembered what I had come here to do and the reason I had to face up to death for the third time and hopefully the last.As I thought about plucking up the courage to enter, I convinced myself I should relive what happened that first day, for old times sake and to tell you all why I have to do this. ...read more.


a load of dog pooh everyone agreed, but in the back of my mind it worried me and I had this feeling that he thought our escapade into the weird had been cool. Our second encounter with the house was only three weeks later, we decided to go the-jungle-park-way again, for the first time since the incident and Conor insisted in leading the way, which we often did as there were many routes that we could take through the maze of dirt tracks and trees. At first everything was going as normal, light chatter and laughter emblazoned our journey through the derelict land that we guessed was owned by the government, but as we neared the area where the house was, he took us on a sharp left and steered us towards the house. I knew this would happen, in the back of my mind i had always known this was coming, just through the way he responded to listening to how brave he was for going in there. He was desperate for attention, could of been some kind of disorder, I don't know, I will never know. Well, we walked up to it, slowly, he said "Shall we". "No" I abruptly responded with more vigor than intended, but even that didn't get the message across to my narrow minded friend, as he replied "Too bad" and walked in the door. ...read more.


We were given counseling and psychiatric help, but Smiley never recovered, even to this day he is troubled by what he saw, but he can't say, he starts gibbering when he's asked to and that was one of the main reasons why he was suspected. They sent five men in to find evidence as to why he died, in there. They were all found dead after jumping out of the third floor window, after that they boardered it up and left it alone. They all thought we'd made up the old man who was in there, said the owner died years ago. Now you understand why I've got to go in, to find out why Conor died, I will not be able to live a life until I find the awnser. I asked Smiley if he wanted to come, he nearly killed me after I quizzed that so I decided to do it alone. I have armed myself, two knives and a sword my great-grandad had in a war a long time before I can force myself to look it up. So now I will enter the house for the last time, i do not know if I will continue this story, but whatever way, I will achieve my goal, to find the awnsers that I have longed for all my life. Goodbye life. Hello big red door. ...read more.

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