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The three gender-specific adverts that I am going to analyse are the two given out in class, a nail varnish for women and a face care product for men, and one that I have chosen myself, a nutritional product for men.

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How are the adverts constructed to appeal to the target audience and to what extent do they alter or reinforce gender stereotypes? The three gender-specific adverts that I am going to analyse are the two given out in class, a nail varnish for women and a face care product for men, and one that I have chosen myself, a nutritional product for men. To be specific, the advert that I chose myself is marketing a range of nutritional products that can benefit men specifically. The advert comes from the football magazine FourFourTwo. This magazine is primarily aimed at men as most of the adverts in the magazine are similar to the one that I have chosen. This advert has particular qualities that make it only attractive to men. The advert uses a famous athlete to promote the product - Mark Foster. Very few women would have heard of this man but all men who would buy this product would have probably heard of him. The advert highlights his career achievements in the advert - that he was world record holder eight times in his event and a world champion six times. This is effective as an advertisement tool because the reader of this advert could conjure up thoughts in his head about being able to be a world champion if he used the product. ...read more.


The positioning of the wording is different in the male and female adverts. The male adverts both have their descriptions in sentences and paragraphs whereas the female advert has its description throughout the advert rather than in one particular place. This is perhaps because male and female brains work in different ways. As a man, I am happy to read paragraphs of description in an advert but perhaps women are not as willing to. They both describe their product in a simple way and don't include technical details. The face care advert says, "It contains stuff that protects against all sorts of pollution." This is perhaps because of the male mindset that: "I do not care how it works as long as it does." This is unlike the female advert. Women like to know what is in the product that they are using so details of the product are interspersed in the advert. "Multi-faceted diamond shine reflects light from every angle for up to 5 days." Wording is a focal point in the female advert but isn't a major selling point in its male counterparts. Words such as "divine" and "sparkling" are used to create images of the product in the audience's head. There are also sparkles on words such as "diamonds" and "shine." This suggests that there could be diamonds in the bottle which makes the product attractive. ...read more.


Both people in the advert have their mouths open and pointing to the product as if they were about to eat it. This draws the reader's attention to the product and perhaps makes them subconsciously thinking that the product is good enough to eat. The nail colour advert reinforces gender stereotypes as it uses a pink colour which is stereotypically feminine. It reinforces the message to women that they should make themselves look beautiful for the opposite sex. The use of a successful and also attractive model shows this to women. It also reinforces the female stereotype to men that it is normal for women to make themselves look beautiful and that they can buy these products for girlfriends and wives. I personally think that the face care advert is reinforcing a modern gender stereotype of a man. The modern man is stereotypically supposed to look after himself these days which wasn't the case twenty years ago. The advert still uses past gender stereotypes in its use of blue and silver in its colour scheme but uses current stereotypes that he should care for himself more than he used to. The nutrition advert does not reinforce current gender stereotypes but I feel that it would if it were published in five years time. Men aren't widely using nutrition products currently, but in five years I think that, again, the modern man will be using nutritional products. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michael Leedham ...read more.

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