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The Three Girls in Billy Fishers life.

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The Three Girls in Billy Fishers life In this play, there are three main girls in Billy Fishers life. Barbara, who is the old fashioned type who believes in a perfect future with two children and a lovely cottage in Devon, Rita, who is a loud mouthed girl with a "sluttish" appearance and Liz, who can never rest in one place but is very similar to Billy in her thinking. We are led to believe by the writer that Barbara is a very slow thinker. There are quite a few points in the play where we see this but I think the most obvious one is when Rita comes into the Fisher household and starts shouting about what she and Billy have been doing down at Foley Bottoms. Even though it is plainly obvious what she is talking about, Barbara still says to Billy " Billy, have you been having relations with this girl?". This is emphasized even more when the stage directions say; (finding the right words at last). We are also shown that Barbara is afraid of physical contact, especially from Billy. ...read more.


She is common and hard and works in a snack bar. This immediately puts a picture in our heads about Rita and what we expect her character to be like in the play. The words "common" and "hard" shows what kind of character she is going to turn out like. This immediately prepares us for her character and the impact she will have. It shows that she will play an important part in the play in terms of being aggressive and forceful. Compared to Barbara this description is entirely opposite and as you read through so is her character. Rita is a very aggressive person to anyone who gets in her way and threatens to take what she wants. She is not afraid of using aggressive language to get what she wants and can be very hurtful too. Her character often says some very upsetting things to Barbara when she and Billy are arguing even though she knows that it is not Barbara's fault and says to her at one point "Yes, you can go to her. She can have you. And she knows what she can do, the squint-eyed, bow-legged, spotty, snotty-nosed streak of nothing." ...read more.


When Billy talks about something Liz doesn't want to talk about she changes the subject. This is shown when her and Billy are talking about the letters she writes to Billy and rips up. She says, "How's Everything with you? How's the script-writing? How's the book coming along?" and the stage directions (changing the subject). This shows that she does not like talking about things that she has done and is almost embarrassed by them. If I was asked which girl I would think Billy would be more likely go with I think I would have to say Barbara because she is the one that forgives him when he lies and is easier to please than Rita. Although Liz has got qualities, like having a lot in common with him, she cannot be depended on a great deal because she is always moving around, and Rita is very demanding of Billy and I don't think she would forgive him if he lied. Barbara offers Billy the most security out of all of them and this is why I think he will pick Barbara. ...read more.

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