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The three poems I will be looking at in this essay are ''My Papa's Waltz'' ''Our Father'' and ''The Early Purges''.

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Obviously our childhood is the most important period of our lives, it determines how we develop and can have a great influence on we will be like when we grow up. Much of our formation depends on our parents and how strict they are etc. I have had a reasonably good childhood. I have had two parents who have jobs, which means two sets of wages are coming into the house every week. That has enabled us to have a comfortable lifestyle. The three poems I will be looking at in this essay are ''My Papa's Waltz'' ''Our Father'' and ''The Early Purges''. In this essay I will be looking at childhood and how childhood experiences are recalled by the different poets and reflected in the way they write their poems. These poems are disturbing in the way that they all include cruelty. The first poem that I will look into is ''My Papa's Waltz''. In this poem a boy seems to be getting hurt by his father we know this because it says ''You beat time on my head with a palm caked hard by dirt, Then waltzed me off to bed Still clinging to your shirt''. ...read more.


this poem is different than My Papas Waltz in the way that it is about deliberate violence towards animals and My Papas Waltz is about violence towards humans. This poem is about a little boy who has a shocking experience of watching kittens being drown. This was a horrible experience for the 6 year old boy. Seamus Heaney goes into great detail in describing the way in which the kittens die, he recalls their ''soft paws scraping like mad. But their tiny din was soon soused ''. The language Heaney uses is fascinating language, he uses everyday language when he quotes Dan Taggart's of the kittens as ''The scraggy wee shits''. This is my favourite poem of the three because of the language Heaney uses. It's easy for me to relate to what happens I can just imagine the scene and ''hear'' Dan Taggart's voice when he gets rid of the kittens so easily. The poet shows his sadness by staying around the yard for days after the event took place. Watching the three "sogged" remains turn "mealy and crisp as old summer dung" Then after a while he forgot about them. ...read more.


What I cant understand in this poem is that the father absolutely loves mass and wouldn't miss it for the word because he goes to get his sins forgiven but after he goes and gets his sis forgiven he comes right home and sins like there's no tomorrow!! Evidence of this is that it says "When we got home he'd take off his collar, and his shoes and his Sunday-special braces; and we'd whisper he's not like God So that he'd belt us for the noise, and we'd yell''. I have now discussed all three poems with you and I have to say that my favourite by far is ''The Early Purges'' I picked early purges because of its style of writing , Heaney uses the type of language that we would use in everyday life. It is far easier to understand because I am used to reading and saying these words. I also like the poem because of its story line I like the way that at the start the boy was scared of seeing animals being killed but near the end and the boy is almost comfortable with killing animals because he says ''I just shrug ''Bloody pups''. Conor Hamill 11A1 ...read more.

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