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The three poems Remember written by Christina Rossetti, A Mother In A Refugee Camp by Chinua Achebe and Poem at Thirty-Nine by Alice Walker share the same negative theme of loss and separation.

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Gunjan Bhargava Candidate Number: 3303 ________________ how is the theme of loss and separation explored in remember, a mother in a refugee camp and poem at thirty nine? ________________ The three poems Remember written by Christina Rossetti, A Mother In A Refugee Camp by Chinua Achebe and Poem at Thirty-Nine by Alice Walker share the same negative theme of loss and separation. Remember explores the pain felt by losing loved ones. A Mother In A Refugee Camp emphasizes the relationship between a mother and her child living in a refugee camp. Poem at thirty nine is a poem about the reminiscences of a loved one. Remember expresses the pain in losing and letting go of a loved one. The first few words said by the speaker are "remember me" this uses the technique of imperatives to effectively express the personas demanding tone. The word 'remember' is repeated several times, this shows that there is fear the speaker has that their lover might forget them too quickly. This word gives the effect of there being a separation between two lovers. This quote can have multiple interpretations as the speaker can be seen to be speaking in a selfish tone or in a concerned tone. The title itself consists of this word which shows the power of the word and the entire poem. ...read more.


The mother described in this poem was unlike any other mother, she appeared to be weary and worn-out yet she wasn't prepared lose her child. The mother had uncovered a "ghost-smile" and the poet had used an oxymoron to show this. This technique was effective in showing that she held a remnant of her smile. The metaphor used could have two possible meanings: she is either happy that she is still with her child but her smile is faint due to her exhaustion or she holds a fake smile just to keep a smile on her child's face. The mother appears to maintain her pride as she combs the "rust colored hair" on her delicate child's head. The 'rust' colour could symbolize dried up blood, the colour is also related tp the colour red which has the connotations of danger, the condition of the hair shows the child to have been rapidly aging. The child's health leads to his death, and the loss of a loving mother's child. In A Mother in a refugee camp, the poet vividly describes many children experiencing ?blown empty bellies" this oxymoron effectively creates an image of children starving yet having blown bellies due to diseases developing. This quote had connotations of starvation and malnutrition which later on lead to death. The mother in this poem is again compared to regular mothers as instead of cherishing the small things in life she visits her child at a "tiny grave". ...read more.


The cooking could be a symbol of independence, her ability to strive even without her father. Piano written by D.H Lawrence, is another poem that shares the theme of nostalgia. Both poems demonstrate a reflection upon the speaker?s childhood. The poet had used comparison between "grieved? and "admire" which was what the persona believed her father would have thought of her in the past and at the present time. This difference shows the adjustment in tone from the beginning of the poem when the tone was more negative and the end where the tone changed to be more positive as she started using words like admire. She had thought her father would be disappointed with her, but towards the end she thought she would have been admired. In this poem a daughter had lost her father and the theme of this loss was continuously supported throughout the poem. In conclusion, all 3 poems share the theme of Loss and separation. Remember emphasizes the loss in relationships, and that grief will undoubtedly comes with the loss of a loved one. A mother in refugee camp explores the theme of loss in a perspective a mother losing her child. Poem at thirty nine describes the relationship between a daughter and her father that had met his death. The poet shows how the speaker remembered and admired her father in various ways. All of the poems stress the inevitability of loss and separation in all relationships. ...read more.

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