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The Three Spirits in A Christmas Carol present the reader with a great variety of events and emotions. Consider the effectiveness of Dickens' technique and the manner in which the Ghosts influence Scrooge.

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The Three Spirits in A Christmas Carol present the reader with a great variety of events and emotions. Consider the effectiveness of Dickens' technique and the manner in which the Ghosts influence Scrooge. In Dickens' Ghost story ' A Christmas Carol' we are shown a story of redemption. Dickens uses description, sarcasm and many other effects to create the sudden changes of atmosphere in the novel. I will look at how Dickens creates such a structured book and what causes it to be so effective. However before I begin to examine Dickens' methods I will see how each of the mysterious spirits affect Scrooge and how he responds to them. Ebenezer Scrooge is a miser if ever there was one - grasping and covetous, rich and penny-pinching. Dickens describes how he keeps a clerk, Bob Cratchit, on a measly fifteen shillings a week and a very small fire. His only family, a nephew named Fred, tries to get him to spend Christmas with him and Scrooge's only reply is "Bah. Humbug." The name Scrooge itself sounds sinister in itself... His name screw + gouge shows he is hard -hearted. He is visited by four spirits. ...read more.


The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is terrifying, dark and silent. He shows that Scrooge will have no one to grieve for him when he dies and his maid will steal from him, but there will be those to grieve for Tiny Tim. Scrooge wakes up and is thrilled to find that it is still Christmas Day. He sends a turkey anonymously to Cratchit's family and goes to dinner at Fred's. He also becomes like a second father to Tim, and a symbol of merriment in the town. This in itself would not be redemption of he didn't follow through in other ways. He pays the boy, he pays for the cab, and he delights in thinking that the Cratchit's will not know who the turkey is from. He is not trying to just save himself (he would have put his name on the turkey if he was) and he really wants to make a difference. He treats Cratchit kindly, and visits his nephew. In fact he becomes a good man to all of the people he has let down, and in his actions and change of heart he is saved Scrooge realizes who he had become and snaps out of it. ...read more.


It must do the first round of work work, softening Scrooge emotionally and setting the base for the other Ghosts to work on. I feel that out of all the Ghosts it affects Scrooge the most. The Spirit of Christmas Present seems actually, despite its firstly kind and helpful position, to be the least concerned with Scrooge's emotional status. It is good but often hurts Scrooge quite badly, especially with the discovery that many think him a monster of a man. Scrooge finds most out about himself from this Spirit, and mixes his joy with his remorse and pain. The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come is perhaps the least accessible character, but the line "the kind hand trembled" right at the end of its visit shows that it has goodwill. Its lack of violence and terror impresses Scrooge further. It must put the finishing touches to Scrooge, ensuring he is aware of his own mortality and to encourage him to change his life for the good. Scrooge's dream is a growing process, starting from the one extreme of an old boring humble miser, and finishing up as a model of goodwill and religious generosity. Charles Dickens achieves what he attempted to do. With the use of humorous words and fantastic Ghosts he tells us a deep moral story which is still relevant today. TOM MITCHELL Christmas Carol Essay - 1 - Thomas Mitchell ...read more.

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