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The Thunderstorm.

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James Major G.S.C.E English Coursework Fiction Task The Thunderstorm It was a warm morning, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. The sun was rising from the far west; it was forming an orange glow over the rubble of houses. Last night was one of the worst nights of my life. In fact I am surprised that I am even alive at this point! My life was always at risk I hid and ran and took cover but no matter what I was doing it found me. It all began yesterday at noon. There was a low front coming from North, and I was sitting in my room enjoying the salvages and comforts that a home provides. I was watching my TV when my programme was interrupted by a brief broadcast. It warned us that, the most horrendous, vile most destructive thunderstorm ever, was coming in with the low front. No one paid that much attention to the warning, I came to this conclusion by realising that when I was out with my friends, everybody else in the town was out to. ...read more.


I went outside wondering whether I was dead and this was a dream so, I slapped myself as hard as I could, it was a shock to me and it also stung. It was amazing the storm was over! Then I started to hear a rumbling sound, I ignored it and carried on rejoicing that the storm was over, I had no time to be worried about getting something to eat. Then the noise turned from a loud rumbling to a high-pitched shrill! I turned I saw it coming it was a cyclone of death. It was the eye of the storm, which had succumb to pass! I ran as fast as my legs could run. I was able to hear every outburst of treacherous thunder shaking the earth, every second a dying moment. I got to my house not even thinking I grabbed as much food as I could and headed for the cellar. At this time I had just remembered that we were moving the cellar outside for it was a too small to still be kept inside. ...read more.


Running not tiring, I was on a small stretch to the shed and I wasn't hesitant to run faster. I had wanted this to stop wanted this to finish but I couldn't let it not until I had beaten this. I was so close I could taste the warmth from the shed! I was running as fast as my legs could take me, as I came to the door I jumped then to franticly kicked the door open and then almost immediately flung myself under the pipes to then secure myself to them with the belt I had grabbed towards my way out. Then it came I was in the middle of the cyclone of death all around me things were whipped into the air and I thought it was over and I was to die. But the pipes did mot give way and it passed. The next couple of hours were the worst for me. The storm was now passed and it had also left a trail of destruction and death in the path, which it had taken. The trail was a horrifying, long and twisting path to hell that had shattered everything in its path. So, I had survived and not fully understanding why, I went home. By James Major ...read more.

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