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The Ticking Clock

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The Ticking Clock She talks and talks. I think the mother has never been aware of the fact that conversations usually require at least two people who actually speak. Just five minutes and I pop another pill, making it three. Two a day are not enough for me. Especially not when "The Mother" goes on and on about how she and Dr. Roberts have decided to get the twins enhanced and the face lifted. This will be her 7th trip under the knife. Sometimes I wonder if the Mother really shares my DNA. It's been six hours and now I must eat something. My best friend, Ana In The Mirror, doesn't like for me to eat. Whenever I do, she criticizes me, but she is still my best friend! I don't feel like making her upset, so I think I'll just eat half a cup of light tuna. I think that will be less costly than a cup of grapes, right? I must inform you that I have a time lapse. I can only eat within three minutes, after that I must stop sinning. ...read more.


I can decide if I take two, three, or four pills an hour. Whatever fancies me, is what I can choose. Charlotte is in charge, nobody else controls her. I've never been this crazy, you can rest assure on that! I began to loose grip when I realized that I am my own name's antonym. I am the prisoner of the high society I was born into. I used to think it wasn't their fault. I had a theory that it was the city that made me feel lost. Every time I got the chance to leave the city, I would go to my house in the Hamptons and it was a bit more relaxing but I still felt alone. After that, I knew it wasn't the Big Apple's fault. It was my environment that was suffocating me with their materialistic way of life. What kills me the most is that they have had total control in my life. Society picked my school, my clothing, my therapist; they even choose what goes into my kitchen cabinet with the brands they choose for me. ...read more.


Please don't think I am selfish or that I am committing suicide. I am simply freeing myself from the chains I am tied to. "The Mother" won't suffer and everyone will tell her "At least she died being beautiful". I've been planning this out perfectly for a very long time. I know what is to come ahead, and hell is no where near. I will now live life simply in a little dream. My body is beginning to get weak, and I have thrown up all I could. Ana is here with me and I know I am in good hands. Now I just have a few moments left. Before I leave, I want to let you know I leave to a happy place: Radiantly I will walk out into my next life. Intrepidly I will look forward to my new voyages and tenderly I will take care of myself and forcefully I will never be friends with Ana. Adroitly I will avoid all troubles I will live in my own exotic paradise. Once again I am just a body taking up space and waiting on time. From birth to death, my life has been a ticking clock. ...read more.

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