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The Time Capsule.

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Have you ever made a time capsule? Well if you haven't, don't bother, because it'll only get you into trouble. We wouldn't have made one either only if Mr Hassan hadn't put the idea into our daft heads. Mr Hassan's our teacher. "Suppose you were to send a time capsule into space?" He said. "Or even bury it underground for ten thousand years. What would you put in it? What would you like people to find in the far distant future? There's something for you to think about over the weekend." I nearly went to sleep there and then. Do you want to think over the weekend? I don't. I want to have a good time. And yet, on the way home, the five of us talked about nothing but the capsule. My name is Waqar. Abdul Qahhar is my friend. His mates call him AK for short. He's travelled to China quite a few times, so he can count up to ten in Chinese. Then there's Oli, who can hardly count up to ten in English. His schoolbag is like a hospital for injured books and biros. Rajon, the youngest, is cheeky and noisy; he was upset for days when Mr Murtaza told him to sing quietly. Finally there's Rizwan, the best reader in our class. He's known as goody-two-shoes to the school. His head is full of things like time travel and computer games. ...read more.


As the hole in the ground grew wide and deep, the white box did not appear, I knew it had vanished. Along with the mystery parcel and Oli's trainer. A crazy thought ran through my mind. They'll think people of our time have only one leg. In a hurry now, Rajon scooped out more soil - and in the middle of his spade was a small metal box. I wouldn't have dared to touch it, but Oli, who doesn't have nerves, snatched it up and prised opened the lid. Inside was small object. "They've returned our message!" whispered Rizwan. We were looking at a tape cassette. What we needed now was a cassette player. Rizwan said he had one in his kitchen, so there was a mad dash towards his house. As we approached, his mum and dad were washing the car. They looked up as we flashed by. We went straight into the kitchen. In went the cassette. Clunk, Click, Press. The little wheels began to turn and all you could hear was heavy breathing. Ours. Then: "Yigs vur piggling tardly over vim's Dee plaaks" "French!" howled Oli. "Earthlings of long ago - we greet you. This is Marshal Marthers, King of Time and the many Worlds. Your gifts have pleased me. Especially the trainer." I looked at AK and he was biting his lips. Rizwan was eating his nails. "Where's my birthday present?" ...read more.


"Get out of there, Oli!" yelled AK. Oli jumped out and ran out of sight. Rizwan grabbed Oli's socks and shoes and we all started running as well. The man in the uniform and moustache was screaming behind us, he looked quite like Hitler to me. About halfway between the shopping centre and Legsworth, there stood an advertising board. As we passed, the board spoke to us. "Psst! Are you being followed?" Behind the board stood Oli with his bare wet feet. Rizwan gave him his shoes and socks. "Do you think they will take my toe-prints?" he asked. Rizwan fell about laughing at the idea of people taking toe-prints instead of fingerprints. After a few minutes we set off down to Rajon's house. Oddly enough, he was smiling. "We're sorry about your present, Rajon," I said. "It's OK, Waqar. Mum and me blew them dry with a hair drier!" After all that! They'd blow-dried the things with the hair drier! Rajon's mum appeared and stared at Oli's soaking trousers. We explained about the shopping centre. "I'm going shopping soon, " Rajon's mum said. "Would you like me to take the money back for you?" Oli seemed relieved to empty his pockets and hand over the coins. I guess he didn't feel like a crook on the run anymore. Then we headed home. Personally I was ready for a nice quiet TV programme. If we ever made a time capsule again, I'm putting Rizwan Khan's brain into it. That'll give him plenty to think about in the far distant future. English Coursework Waqar Zaman BY11 1 ...read more.

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