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The Time Machine.

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The Time Machine. The Time Machine was set in the year 1895. Things were very different back then, for example people travelled around on horse and carts. They dressed very smart all of the time usually in suits and hats, even the children had to dress this way. The Time Machine was the first science fiction book published. Science Fiction has started from this traveller in a time machine to films such as Star Wars, where super heroes fight robots in space. Sci-fi films are very popular in the cinemas today and make a lot of money. Star Wars have made multi-million pounds/dollars worth of sales thanks to numerous TV shows and Films plus all the merchandising spin -offs and all thanks to the Time Machine story. You could describe the Time Machine as a fairytale story to some extent because he enters a mystical land where not just anyone can go. Typical children's fairytale stories have happy/sad endings, good and bad guys just like the Time Machine story does but then it could be more of an adult's story as the story is quite hard to understand and there are a lot of intellectual words and science is used in the book. The time traveller is a polite intellectual man who is well dressed, in a fairytale he would be the stereotypical hero or the good guy. ...read more.


The sky was absolutely black." On the third day of his arrival to 802 701 A.D the time traveller made a rescue of an Eloi who was in trouble in the river. The time traveller became a special friend with the Eloi who he rescued and she was a girl called Weena. On the fourth day the traveller was seeking shelter from the heat in an old ruin where he came across the piercing eyes of a Morlock , the Morlock reacted by going towards a shaft but the traveller lit a match that highlighted a person who looked like a human spider. The time traveller concluded that Man had changed to two species in the future, they were the Eloi and the Morlocks. Weena would not discuss the Morlocks with the time traveller and in fact started to cry when the Morlocks were mentioned. The time traveller although scared decided that he was going to go look underground via the shaft that the Morlock had went down as he was convinced that the Morlocks also had his travelling time machine. Weena went with the traveller to the shaft but she stayed at the top in the daylight and did not enter. The time traveller arrived at the bottom of the shaft where the sound of machinery got louder and tried unsuccessfully to communicate with the Morlocks who were touching his face (page 68) ...read more.


When the time traveller met the Eloi they had a way of greeting the time traveller describes " they past each other flowers" this is just like a childlike way to act. The Time Machine also uses scientific language for instance the words and literature that the characters use "I found that one of the nickel bars was exactly on inch too short as I went on, still gaining velocity. The language was very intellectual such as "almost exclusively composed of concrete substantives and verbs". The Time Machine is not a traditional child's fairy tale story but more of adult fairy tale stories because of the child like sentences and the unnecessarily placement of words such as when the time traveller is saying something he relates words to are totally irrelevant to the sentences. There is another way that the story is written and that is using scientific and intellectual words for instance the time traveller said "I found that one of the nickel bars was exactly one inch too short as I went on, still gaining velocity" so this type of language would be to hard for children to understand and relate to. Overall I think the time machine is a classic story which has led to a large Sci-fi industry. The story also uses lots of ideas from the traditional fairy tale stories but uses sci-fi information to make it a unique for an adult audience story in the pre 1914's. ?? ?? ?? ?? Greig Boyd ...read more.

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