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The Titanic - Descriptive Writing Task.

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The Titanic - Descriptive Writing Task I was on the most beautifully crafted ship in the world. Just standing there, gazing up at the four enormous funnels. Wow, I thought to myself, how lucky I am to be a part of the crew. I'm actually in a sequence that holds this giant together. I gazed down at my watch, which was given to me as a part of this maiden voyage. This watch had 'Titanic' in platinum entitled along the golden strap. The face had a model of the Titanic itself, the numbers in roman numerals. It was now seven twenty six, I had been gazing at the funnels for twenty minutes. It was truly magnificent. I walked for ten minutes along to the stern to gaze down at the two showing propellers. The icy cold Atlantic water was being chewed by these monstrous blades. I thought to myself, what if someone was to fall........ I then heard a call, ''Michael you are on duty!'' I quickly snapped out of this trance to find Steve, the other watchman, with a beaming smile after finishing his shift. I'm glad you're so happy I thought to my self. ...read more.


After watching for about an hour I felt rather cold. I decided to have a cigarette to try and put some warmth inside myself. I reached for the packet in my right pocket. It felt tattered and old. I usually possess a packet of cigarettes for a long period of time as I only smoke when on duty. I pulled one out for myself when I went to offer Jake one. He was asleep. This meant I either had to wake him or be on extra guard as there was only one of us. I didn't wake him. I gazed out dreamily into the deep, dark ocean. The ocean makes me feel relaxed and so I forget the cold. It makes me think that there is no-one out there in a thousand miles who holds any type of grudge, or are annoyed at me. I looked round at Jake as he started snoring. I nudged him to stop and he just groaned and carried on. He has the sharpest eyes in Britain, but I thought to myself, they aren't if he is asleep. Jake had handed me a pack of cards before we left so I decided to play a game of solitaire, but it failed as the cards kept blowing away. ...read more.


I decided to run to the nearest lifeboat in my panic. I spotted Jake. I rushed to his boat. I clambered in. It was like running through Tokyo in rush hour. They immediately started lowering us. After they had lowered us to the water we immediately started rowing away, if we didn't we would get pulled under by the suction of the boat. I noticed people were jumping off the boat, killing themselves. They can't have any family I thought. ''Jake, you o.k.?'' ''Bit cold but yer.'' I had never seen Jake in this way. I could still see the fright in his eyes, his face was pale- not his usual cheery pink. We had been out to sea for around an hour. The gigantic princess tilted vertically, stern in the air and bow deep in the water. The lights started to fade; they went out after a minute or so. I saw the Titanic begin to slowly melt into the grasp of this powerful ocean. Powerful enough to sink an unsinkable ship. Is there such thing, I thought to myself. An unsinkable ship? And only then did it cross my mind. Had Jake been awake when I fetched the drinks, would his sharp eye sight have saved the Titanic? Mike Carrick ...read more.

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