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The Titanic

Extracts from this document...


Rose's Journey upon the ship of dreams My journey started when I saw a report on the television. The report was about a picture which the ocean archaeologist's found. The picture was of me, not now a course but when I was a young teenager. Titanic researchers with the ocean archaeologists were looking for a ruby which was worn by someone on the titanic, they'd been looking for 20 years but now they'd come across a picture of a lady wearing it around her neck. They had found the picture miles under the ocean, they were showing there founding's on TV. I just caught a little glimpse of the image on TV. I was ecstatic; I was so excited I thought I had lost that picture for ever but I was wrong. It was remarkable that the picture had been under water for nearly 100 years and it was still in good condition. I had to see it, for real. I phoned the helpline; a young man answered the phone there was lots of racket in the background but could here this young man speaking on top of it all, "hello how we can help you?" He asked. I replied by saying "I wanted to know if you have found the heart of the ocean yet?" He sounded quite surprised. "What's your name?" he asked. "Rose Dawson" I responded. "Now, Rose Dawson you have me attention," he uttered. "Now tell me who that lady in the picture is Rose?" he continue to questioned. "The lady in that picture is me!" I said. "That can't be true, if it was, u must be over 100 years old" he claimed "Actually I'm 101 next month" I countered I was invited to the ship, not the titanic, but to the research ship. I stepped out of the helicopter. There were so many machines and so much noise and racket. ...read more.


Jack started to sketch, the room was quite. I could hear the pencil rubbing across the paper. I was naked I would usually not feel comfortable if Carl was here but with jack it felt so natural. He kept looking up and I could almost see the picture in his eyes. He was getting sweaty I thought it was funny. The picture was done, it looked so amazing it was me on the paper not someone else. We were packing up when we heard a knock on the door. "Hello Rose, you in there?" it was Carl's coiffeur. I was going to be in big trouble. I got myself and jack out of the room through the second exit. The coiffeur was following us, we had to get away quick. Jack led the way. We cover nearly all the floors of the ship being tracked by Carl's coiffeur. We finally lost him; I saw the part which no 1st class passenger is meant to see. The engine camber; it was dark, hot, stinky and unventilated. We had no time to spare, the coiffeur wasn't going to give up and he was going to be back soon. Jack and I rushed through the engine room into the luggage area, there were so many cars. We locked our self's into the room. Jack took me to a Rolls-Royce parked near the entrance. We were tired and wanted a break. We saw a car and jack went and sat in the driving seat while I stood near the door, "huh hum" I muttered. I looked at the door. I think jack knew what I meant; I jumped out of the drivers' seat and open the passenger door and then returned to his driving position. I don't know what came over me, I felt like kissing and having him. So do it I the back so the Rolls-Royce. ...read more.


I looked around but jack was no where to be found, I started to worry, we were supposed to live together, we loved each other, I didn't even say good bye. There was screaming and a cold noisy atmosphere, every one splashing about making it harder for me to notice jack. There was guy next to me without life jacket, he was drowning I went to help. He grabbed my leg and started pushing me down, he trying to get on top of me he was going to kill me. "Get off her" shouted a person I looked back it was jack he was beating the man up which tried killing me. He had changed, jack had pale skin and his voice had got deeper but one thing didn't change he still cared about me and respected. He got me a floating debris to support me. "Rose don't give up, live your life, you were not born to die this way or die here. You were meant to live till you have grey hair. go to America and have babies. Rose promise me that you will not give up" he told me. "Jack I love and ill do anything which makes you happy" I muttered "Rose promise me" he uttered "Jack I do, I promise" I replied Jack was going paler his lip had turned from red to blue, his nostrils were freezing and he was having great trouble moving his eyes. I wanted to help but I couldn't. I felt weak and powerless, but I watched the person I loved bye in front of my eye. All around there was great silence, I could hear the titanic engines but that was only in my head. As I lay floating amongst the large remainder of the passenger I could almost hear the ships last screams haunting the atmosphere around me. It was such a catastrophic end to such a beautiful beginning and it is something that I will never forget for the rest of my life. BY Jitinder Singh Johal ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE William Golding section.

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