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The Top Job.

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The Top Job A vast empire. An empire of widespread globalization with profitable dominance. A transfixed figure stands on the 56th floor of his own tower, gazing at the stretched New York City skyline, a feeling of self satisfaction and accomplishment runs through his body like the shiver down fear's victim's spine. He smirks, and then swallows some of his manly pride, while turning to the attention of other white collared men. However unlike his contemporaries, who are content for a 'major minor' role, he knows there are none in this room, none down the hall and none in this building could ever challenge his job, what job? The 'top job.' Two floors down, amongst the hustle and bustle of productive workplace, a young man stares almost blankly but in awe at his computer screen whilst in the secrecy of his office. 'PARKER: HE CAME, HE SAW, HE OWNS ALL' reads the truthful headline, and with swift disgust he turns away. Head in his hands, tired, he sighs violently, then looks out his office window for some consultation or consolation. ...read more.


He then stared into her radiant eyes and confidently mumbled, 'Ok Tara, let's put this bastard to the sword, take his job, his money and his undeserving credit. Then let's share our fortunes together and...' Before he could outline the tale of his plans, Tara embraced him passionately and sexually, then she slowly but gracefully left the office with a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. Brad resumed his slumped position but grinned under the cover of his still innocent hands. The bell dinged while the dark screen became illuminated with the number '56'. Four people walked out after the doors reluctantly slid open. The first three walked away in ignorance just aware that they were in the presence of other white collared individuals like themselves, working for the good of the company. Tara though walked with great confidence and in a manner of personal pursuit. She wasn't like the others, contempt for a spot on the payroll, she wanted a role of power. To her there was no good or evil, there was only power and the weak. ...read more.


Brad was unsure of the visit and questions began to arise. 'Nice to see you Mr. Parker once again' Brad opened with limited enthusiasm. 'The pleasure is mine Brad' Sonny responded with even less convection. Both became mute as they gazed into open air. The tension rose like the morning sun. Two adversaries driven by the temptation of beauty stared each off like two lone rangers at high noon. Brad moved his hand away from the radar of Sonny and reached for the reassurance of his pistol. 'I'm sure gonna miss working with you Sonny' Brad whimpered falsely. With these lying words Sonny found refuge in the corner of his pocket with the cold grip of steel. 'You have no idea Brad, no idea how much this is going to hurt me' 'Ms Banks, the media is waiting for you mam' 'Thanks Miss O'Neal' Tara smiled then took one more glance at the headline. TWO XON INSURNACE BOSSES DIE IN SHOOT OUT, TARA BANKS TAKES CONTROL OF COMPANY. She had prevailed, and with this feeling of relief and heartless satisfaction she turned to face her new audience, the press. ...read more.

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